ODBC PowerPack 1.4.2 released


We are excited to release tons of new features and fixes in this version. It includes many enhancements around All API Drivers and Multi statement support in Salesforce Driver. We also added many new features in various drivers along with bug fixes/performance improvement features.

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New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: All API Drivers – Provide a setting to apply META in merge mode in simple, extended, URL join queries
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Provide an example of merge mode ( OverrideMode )
  • NEW: All Drivers – Mask Connectionstring by default in Import Settings dialogbox by default (and give option to unmask)
  • NEW: All Drivers – More than 655 columns throws error about FillWeight
  • NEW: API Driver – Add Support for META clause
  • NEW: API Driver – Reset Table dropdown only when you leave Tab not clicking any where outside tab (e.g. Generate SQL Button)
  • NEW: Data Gateway – Add support for SSL / TLS Encryption for Secure TDS Protocol
  • NEW: Data Gateway – Provide IP / Range Block / Allow Feature (with Last Successful / Failed Login Attempt Indication)
  • NEW: Data Gateway – Support Dynamic SQL using Exec AT with parameters
  • NEW: General – Add Online page for SQL UDF
  • NEW: Installer – Rename License Manager to ODBC License Manager
  • NEW: Salesforce Driver – Multi statement support

Bug fixes

  • FIX: All API Driver – Quote symbol issue in SQL generation
  • FIX: All API Drivers – ConvertFormat has no effect if you set via UI
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Enable Custom Replace is not working when you set options from UI (however setting options in WITH clause works fine)
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Extra unwanted columns produced in some extended queries when * is used (provide * + const\expr columns support)
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Function names with builtin operator cause issue
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Headers grid is not reset after loading new Connection String
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Looks like if you use more than 8 parameters then you get error
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Pagination from Custom Header throwing error if you use EnablePageTokenForBody (i.e. use of [$pagetoken$] in body)
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Placeholder functions not working in URL (fails only if column type is numeric)
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Quote Symbol issue in ConnectionString generation
  • FIX: All API Drivers – When Connection String contains RequestData='[$tag$]’ it removes brackets when you load connection string
  • FIX: All API Drivers – When same attribute name supplied multiple times in WITH clause, you might get misleading error
  • FIX: API Driver – Changing settings on UI (e.g. Connector File) doesnt reload Table dropdown on Preview Tab
  • FIX: API Driver – do not detect string as Int32 / Int64 (i.e. { id: “123” } JSON should be treated as string if in double quotes)
  • FIX: API Driver – Floating numbers are failed to parse for non English environment (i.e. Finland) – e.g. Number “1.267662916E9” failed with error Cannot convert [1.267662916E9] to [Double]
  • FIX: API Driver – New values not updated – Table dropdown reset based on old connection
  • FIX: API Driver – Show user friendly message when value is too large o fit – e.g. Int32 field may throw – Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.
  • FIX: CSV Driver – User may get unclear error if different value type detected after 300 rows – Input String is not in correct format error
  • FIX: Data Gateway – Many parallel connection can cause License not found error
  • FIX: Data Gateway – Multiple connections from the local device sometimes throws CAL error (if is reported as local IP along with 192.xxx)
  • FIX: Data Gateway – When column name is great than 128 chars you may see odd error – Deferred prepare could not be completed
  • FIX: General – Function search by name not working in example browser
  • FIX: General – Undo is not possible after using query from Query Builder in Preview
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – NULL schema name cause issue with Power BI
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – On some queries you get error – Pipe is broken
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – You may get error “Host Process Broken” if data contains certain datatype
  • FIX: JSON Driver – Regex is truncated when loading the connection
  • FIX: Salesforce Driver – Query with SOURCE and WITH using wrong order throws object reference not set error rather than Grammer error
  • FIX: XML Driver – Error in OpenQuery when Nested query is used with BASE64 decode function
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