Google Analytics Custom Dimension / Metric - Create new, edit existing or view to obtain ID

SSIS Google Analytics Source – Custom Dimension and Metrics

Introduction Custom Dimensions and Metrics pretty powerful feature in Google Analytics. In this post we will learn how you can use them in SSIS Google Analytics Source Find Dimension ID or Metric ID SSIS Google Analytics Source dimension / metric browser doesn’t list custom Dimensions or Custom Metrics so you have to do few extra steps. […]

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3 ways to get Google Analytics unsampled data in SSIS

Introduction If our previous post we saw how to get data from Google Analytics Using SSIS. Once you get going with drag and drop SSIS Google Analytics Connector you may bump up to one interesting challenge. If you request includes sessions more than certain threshold then Google may start sampling your data to give you […]

Add/Edit Permissions and User Account for Google Analytics Data Access (Service Account/ Normal Google Login)

Get data from Google Analytics in SSIS using REST API Call

Introduction Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. In this blog post you will learn how to get data from Google Analytics using SSIS using SSIS Google Analytics Source Connector (Using drag and drop approach without Coding). This article assumes you have basic knowledge about SSIS and […]