How to Get Office 365 Mail Attachments using SSIS

Introduction In our previous article, we saw How to Get Office 365 data in Power BI. Now let’s look at How to Get Office 365 Mail Attachments using SSIS without any coding. Microsoft Graph API is a unified way to access many Microsoft services API including Office 365 API. In this post, we will use SSIS JSON / […]

How to Pivot CSV Data in SSIS

Introduction In our previous blog we saw How to write data into CSV file in SSIS (GZip / Split). Now in this blog, we will see How to Pivot CSV Data in SSIS using CSV Source. It also supports Pivot mode so you can convert single CSV string value into Rows. In this article we […]

How to read YouTube API data in SSIS (Videos, Channels, Playlists)

Introduction In last few articles we saw how to read data from various Google Services. In this article we will see how to read YouTube API data in SSIS. This blog mainly focus on SSIS approach but steps mentioned to call Google APIs can be useful for any developer regardless which programming language or toolset […]

SSIS Geocoding with Google Maps API

Introduction In this tutorial, we will cover the topics of how to perform geocoding on the addresses and reverse geocoding on the location coordinates using SSIS and Google Maps API. So what is geocoding, exactly? Geocoding is the process of translating an address (e.g. a street address) or a place to coordinates on the Earth’s surface. Simply […]

How to call Elasticsearch API using SSIS

Introduction Elasticsearch is a powerful engine that allows you to store, aggregate and, most importantly, search data in a very analytical way. In this tutorial, you will learn how to bulk load data from SQL Server to Elasticsearch with SSIS (part of SQL Server) and ZappySys PowerPack. The scope of this article will be to show how to import […]