MongoDb SQL tricks Highest Date Example

MongoDB Query Tricks for Getting the Information You Need

Introduction In this article, we will explore some MongoDB query tricks that can help you retrieve the information you require. Be sure to check out our articles on MongoDB source and MongoDB execute SQL task here. Examples Filtering by Date: First, let’s look at filtering data by date. Ensure that your database has the date column […]


Introduction OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, provide both a web interface and an API for seamless integration of their tools into applications. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to establish a connection with the OpenAI API in SSIS using ZappySys JSON Source, enabling seamless data integration and retrieval. Prerequisites Before we perform steps […]

Validator task

Examples with Validator task

Introduction In SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), validating expressions, paths, and URLs is a crucial part of ensuring the integrity and success of your data integration processes. In this article, we’ll explore how the Validator Task can help you achieve this. Before we dive into practical examples, be sure to check our comprehensive Validator Task […]

How to register OAuth App for Zoho / ManageEngine API

Introduction In this article, we will show you steps to register OAuth App for Zoho API and use it ZappySys Product. The steps listed here can be used for Zoho Products like CRM or ManagedEngine Products like ServiceDesk (ManageEngine is Zoho’s subsidary). For detailed steps check Zoho’s link here. Register OAuth App in Zoho Go to […]


How to Make UPS API call in SSIS

Introduction In our previous article we see How to read call REST API data in SSIS. Now in this article, we will see How to Make UPS API call in SSIS and load response into SQL Server. This blog mainly focuses on SSIS approach but steps mentioned to call UPS REST API Call can be useful for any […]

How to Pivot CSV Data in SSIS

Introduction In our previous blog we saw How to write data into CSV file in SSIS (GZip / Split). Now in this blog, we will see How to Pivot CSV Data in SSIS using CSV Source. It also supports Pivot mode so you can convert single CSV string value into Rows. In this article we […]

HTTP Connection with HMAC Authentication Option (Azure CosmosDB API Example)

Using HMAC Authentication for API in SSIS / ODBC Drivers

Introduction In this post we will see how to call API which uses HMAC Authentication (MD5 or SHA HASH Signature). Almost everywhere example you search online will talk about writing code (i.e. Python, C#, Java) if you need to use HMAC Authentication to call you REST API, however in this article we will discuss coding-free […]

Tip – How to fix UI scaling issue on Windows 10 and 7

Problem Many customers reported issue regarding UI not scaling correctly on certain machines (windows 10 and windows 7). If you have similar issue then most likely its due to System Font Scale (DPI) is set to higher than 100%. Perform following steps to verify/fix it. Sometimes maximizing the window will show correct UI elements so […]

SSIS REST API Example - Call with 301 / 302 Redirect

Calling Web API in SSIS with Authorization and Redirect

Introduction In some cases when you call API to http URL it may redirect you to different location (Also known as 301 or 302 redirect). Best example is when you type it will redirect you to This can cause issue in some case if you are passing credentials (i.e. UserID / Password) because […]

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