FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sales Questions

Licensing – General

How do you license SSIS PowerPack ? Is it by User, Machine or CPU?
How do you license ODBC PowerPack ? Is it by User, Machine or CPU?
How do you license SSIS PowerPack for Azure Data Factory (ADF SSIS-IR)?
What happens after TRIAL Expires for SSIS PowerPack? Can I still run packages inside Visual Studio?
Do I have to buy a license for DEV / QAT?
We are running Cluster environment with Active-Active nodes. Do we need license for each node?
What is the difference between Perpetual License and Annual Subscription?
We don't have internet connectivity on the server. How can I activate license in offline mode?
How to transfer license to different server?
We need some more time to test your software. Can I get trial extension?
How to obtain EULA (End User License Agreement)?

Licensing – Subscription

If I buy Subscription what happens next year (at the time of renewal)?
What happens if I don't renew my subscription? My old product key still works?
Do I have to activate new subscription license key manually each year after the renewal?
Do I have to buy support and upgrades along with subscription license?
Can I pay by check/wire transfer if I buy subscription license?
Do I have to renew subscription manually each year?
How to cancel my subscription?

Licensing – Perpetual

What happens to my perpetual license key if I don't renew support?
Do I have to buy support and upgrades when I buy perpetual license?

Purchase / Online Order

We tried your software and ready to buy. How can I purchase?
I need official quote for purchase. How can I request it?
Which payment options do you support?
Do I have to pay Tax or your product price already includes Tax?
Can I pay in local currency rather than USD?
Our company cannot pay via Credit card. Can I Pay via Wire Transfer?
Do you support ACH Payment Option (For USA Customers)?
I am buying Annual Subscription. Can I pay by Check or Wire Transfer?
Do you offer refund incase I don't want or I don't like the product after purchase?

Accounting / Tax / GST / VAT Questions

How can I obtain W9 form for Tax purpose (USA Customers Only)?
What is your VAT ID for EU?
What is your VAT ID for non EU country?


Can we upgrade to higher version (e.g. v2.4 to v2.5) to get new features? How much do I have pay?
Can we upgrade to a higher edition (e.g. Standard Edition to Pro)? Do I just pay the difference?
What happens to my old packages when I upgrade to new version? Do I lose anything?


Why do I have to purchase support renewal?
Can I skip my support renewal and buy later when I really need it?
What happens if I don't renew?
I bought Annual Subscription License. Do I still have to buy Support renewal?
Do I get new license key when I renew my support?

SSIS PowerPack Questions

General – Download and Installation

What is SSIS PowerPack?
How do I download FREE 30-Days Trial?
How do I download FULL SSIS PowerPack (For Paid Customers)?
What are the prerequisites for SSIS PowerPack?
Which OS and SQL Server versions do you support?
Do I have to restart Server after installing SSIS PowerPack / ODBC PowerPack?
How do I upgrade SSIS PowerPack to newer version?
Do I have to install SSIS PowerPack on Server? How do I do that?
What are the best ways to learn your product?
Should I buy ODBC PowerPack or SSIS PowerPack?

Production Deployment / Parameters

When I test in Visual Studio everything works but when we deploy to server we get errors related to password/secretkey


Is SSIS PowerPack / ODBC PowerPack Secure to Install on Server / Desktop?


What should we consider ZappySys over Native SSIS / other competitors out there?