Query Salesforce Data using Bulk API in SSIS (read using SOQL query in Bulk mode / large dataset)

How to query salesforce data using Bulk API in SSIS

Introduction In our previous post, we saw how to read salesforce data using SSIS Salesforce Source (Which uses SOAP API under the hood). This may be slow if you have millions of rows because Salesforce Source paginates every 2000 rows making so its not good option to read millions of rows to iterate on a […]

Using Regular Expressions in SSIS

Introduction In this short article, you will learn how to write Regular expressions in SSIS (i.e. Regex) and what tool to use to test them. You will also find helpful resources on how to write more sophisticated expressions and learn more about them. For demo purposes, we will use FREE SSIS Regex Parser Task to parse and […]

Search and Replace File Content in SSIS (Find sub string, Search for special character)

Search and replace in files using SSIS – No Coding

Introduction Many times you have requirement to search and replace in files (single or multiple file) content using SSIS. If you are not C# or VB.net programmer then you may find yourself at dead end struggling how to achieve this in SSIS. If you have this need then you can use Advanced File System Task […]

JSONPath Expression Examples – JSON Cheatsheet (SSIS / ODBC)

What is JSONPath expression JSONPath expression is an expression language to filter JSON Data. Its a similar concept to XPath expression in XML but has limited features compared to XPath. If you are extracting data from REST API Services using SSIS JSON / XML Source or ODBC JSON / XML Driver then you will quickly realize […]