Introduction OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, provide both a web interface and an API for seamless integration of their tools into applications. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to establish a connection with the OpenAI API in SSIS using ZappySys JSON Source, enabling seamless data integration and retrieval. Prerequisites Before we perform steps […]

Using Custom API Connector File - New ODBC DSN - ZappySys API Driver

How to create custom ODBC Driver for API without coding

Introduction Imagine this situation, you or users of your product wants to consume some REST API in ETL / BI / Programming Tools using ODBC / JDBC Driver interface but there are no ODBC / JDBC Driver available for that API and you dont even know coding? If you are in a situation No Problem […]

How to call NetSuite RESTlet API in SSIS / ODBC

Introduction In our previous post we saw how to read API data in SSIS. This post we will cover how to call NetSuite RESTlet to read / write data in SSIS or ODBC Apps. For demo purpose we will use SSIS PowerPack REST API Task but concepts and many UI elements remain same for ODBC […]

Open ZappySys Data Gateway

How to Secure ZappySys Data Gateway (Network Settings)

Introduction In our earlier blog post, we have seen some of the wonderful features of ZappySys Data Gateway. Now, we are exploring in this blog more about How to Secure ZappySys Data Gateway? Some of the new features have been introduced in Network Settings tab of ZappySys Data Gateway. Network Settings On this tab we […]

ZappySys OAuth Connection in SSIS

Download Gmail Attachment in SSIS

Introduction Download Gmail Attachment in SSIS is always a little bit difficult compared to work with a simple text or numeric columns. If you are not an expert in SSIS, doing that the first time may be Challenging. That is why we created this article for you. Doing this is a common request that we frequently receive […]

Importing Virtual Tables in MS Access (JSON REST API Example)

Using Custom Objects in ZappySys Drivers (Proc / View)

Introduction ODBC PowerPack v1.2 release brought an interesting feature for all API drivers. New version gives you an ability to create Custom Objects. You can create parameterized Stored Procedure and Virtual Tables on the same Data Source (ODBC DSN or Data Gateway Data Source). For more information you see here Custom Objects There are mainly […]

Download AdWords report using Google Ads API, ODBC, and XML Driver

Introduction In the previous article, we learned how to get data from AdWords in SSIS and basically control your AdWords account programmatically, outside the dashboard. In this one, we will continue on how to download AdWords report by using Google Ads API, ODBC, and ZappySys XML Driver. Let’s not waste our time and cut to […]

How to migrate Postman API call to SSIS / ODBC PowerPack

Introduction In the previous article, we learned how to copy settings from curl to ZappySys products, and in this article, we will continue on how to migrate Postman API call to SSIS / ODBC PowerPack. Postman is a very popular client tool to test API calls. Many API providers document how to call their API using […]