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ODBC PowerPack v1.1.3 Released

What’s New In this release we focused on adding URL JOIN Features which may allow many multi steps scenarios in one query. Bing Ads, Amazon MWS, Google BigQuery, Amazon Athena all these supports Job style queries which needs 3 step process (Create job, keep checking status, once done read report data). We also improved compatibility […]

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POST data to API in Informatica using SQL Transformation

Introduction In our previous blog post we saw how to read JSON REST API / XML SOAP in Informatica using ZappySys ODBC Drivers. Now lets look at API Write scenario. We will learn how to to POST data to API in Informatica (Insert / Update). We will use SQL Transformation to fire ODBC Driver Queries […]

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Read JSON in Informatica – Import REST API / SOAP / JSON File

Introduction JSON / REST API is becoming more and more popular each day as everyone embrace cloud-centric services. This article is primarily focused on Informatica users who want to do XML SOAP/ JSON / REST API Integration in Informatica. However many tips and techniques described in this article will help you to understand how to integrate XML […]