Import Amazon S3 files into SQL Server (CSV/JSON/XML Driver)

Introduction There might be a case when you have many CSV, JSON or XML files in Amazon S3 bucket and you want them to be imported straight into a SQL Server table. Here come ZappySys ODBC PowerPack and ZappySys Data Gateway (part of ODBC PowerPack) which will enable you to accomplish that. ZappySys ODBC PowerPack includes powerful […]

Power BI Integration

Read Amazon S3 data in Power BI or Call AWS REST API (JSON / XML)

Introduction If you are looking around to find connectivity options to get Amazon AWS data in Power BI (e.g. Read from Amazon S3 files (CSV, JSON, XML) or get AWS API data such as Billing Data by calling REST API) then unfortunately as of now Power BI doesn’t support it natively. In this article, you will […]