SSIS PowerPack 4.1.3 released


We are excited to release tons of new features and fixes in this version. It includes many enhancements around API Connector Framework to support new connectors for popular API services. We also added many new features  in various tasks / components along with bug fixes / performance improvement features.

To see full release notes click here

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: API Connector – Google Drive – New connector for manage, list, upload, download files
  • NEW: API Connector Engine – Add EndPoint attribute OutputHeaders to support extracting Response headers in output row like data columns
  • NEW: API Connector Engine – Add File Download support for EndPoint tag (two new properties as parameters – FileSavePath, FileOverwriteMode )
  • NEW: API Connector Engine – Add FileSave, FileOpen editors for Parameter Attribute Editor
  • NEW: API Connector Engine – Add Target Property to prevent Parameter Push down to Child EndPoint or invoke for a specific endpoint (parent or child) – (i.e. <Param Name=”IsMutiPart” Target=”some_endpoint” ….. )
  • NEW: API Connector Engine – Allow to use Parameter Placeholders in ValueTemplate of Output / Input Column
  • NEW: API Destination – Allow to map Property Parameter which is set as Required (Usecase: Google Upload File – Set file path dynamically for each input row)
  • NEW: API Destination – If required parameter is mapped you still get validation error unless you reopen the package
  • NEW: Dynamic CRM Connection Manager – Add retry option so failed requests can be retried
  • NEW: Dynamic CRM Connection Manager – Lookup is Cached multiple times in all threads if you set EnableParallelProcessing=True – Because of this you might get Item key already added error
  • NEW: General – Add new functions FUN_FILE_WRITE, FUN_FILE_WRITE_BINARY
  • NEW: General – Add new placeholder functions – FUN_FILE_{attribute} where attribute = Extension, Size, Size_Recursive, IsLocked, Encoding, Exists, Exists_Recursive, FILE_LastEdit_Date,Create_Date, Age_LastEdit, Age_Create, Count, Count_Recursive
  • NEW: General – Add new placeholder functions – FUN_FOLDER_{attribute} where attribute = Name, Size, Exists, LastEdit_Date, Create_Date, Age_LastEdit, Age_Create, FileCount
  • NEW: JSON Source, API Source, API Destination – Support OData v3, v2 (Paginate based on any attribute __next or nextLink so all versions supported)
  • NEW: License Manager – need to add note in transfer license tab like transfer license to different machine, change computer name, and/or change of domains
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager – Encrypt Refresh token file by default
  • NEW: PostgreSQL Connection Manager – Add Support for Encoding Parameter (to handle DB created with SQL_ASCII option and some table contains non-ascii data)
  • NEW: REST API Task – Show message about response being filtered (on Test UI also in Runtime Log)
  • NEW: Salesforce Connection Manager – Add better logging so when request fails user know which URL is being blocked due to Proxy issue

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Amazon S3 CSV Destination – You may get object reference not set error if you use data flow in a loop
  • FIX: API Connector – Zoho CRM – Update / INSERT / UPSERT Operation might fail if parameter value ends with double quotes (i.e. Trigger Parameter)
  • FIX: API Connector Engine – Detect 0001 or +18001231122 as string rather than integer (Plus sign can be used in Phone number field)
  • FIX: API Source, API Destination – Saving Mappings after searching removes other mappings
  • FIX: Azure Storage Connection Manager – SAS URL is not Authenticating and throwing error “403 Server failed to authenticate the request” – Specially when Exists method is invoked on Container
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Connection Manager – When you click on Organization dropdown – You may receive Error – FCB ‘EnableRegionalDisco’ is disabled
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Destination – Give clear message when Lookup Entity Cache is invoked and duplicate row found for same text (when you set by text)
  • FIX: Excel Destination – PreserveFormatting=True cause error – Invalid Cell: “A1:@0” if target sheet is blank
  • FIX: Excel Source – Detect 0001 or +18001231122 as string rather than integer (Plus sign can be used in Phone number field)
  • FIX: Excel Source – Error when multiple excel files are read having different first sheet name but using $first_sheet$
  • FIX: Export CSV Task – {null} and {columndelimiter} replacement not working for Enable Custom Replacement rule option
  • FIX: Export JSON Task, JSON Generator Transform, JSON File Destination – Bad JSON is generated when you check “Do not output empty parent nodes” option and you have nested sections
  • FIX: General – LicenseManager UI doesnt show Trial Build label clearly
  • FIX: General – SSIS Variable using Placeholder function might not work sometime if Variable is Numeric Type (i.e. Int, Long, Double) –{{User::vOrderID,BASE64ENC}} will fail if vOrderID is Numeric type
  • FIX: HTML Table Source – Detect 0001 or +18001231122 as string rather than integer (Plus sign can be used in Phone number field)
  • FIX: HTML Table Source – Meta Data Issue – When first row is blank and later numeric values found it detects them as string rather than number
  • FIX: JSON Source, REST API Task – You may get SSL/TLS Channel error if you enter http:// URL which redirects to https://
  • FIX: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – Pagination from Custom Header throwing error if you use EnablePageTokenForBody (i.e. use of [$pagetoken$] in body)
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Bad Token is cached and not cleared in some cases after you generate token
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – When using Full Browser to get refresh token it may fail with 400 Bad request in some cases due to handling of special chars in code (i.e. %2F, %2B)
  • FIX: PostgreSQL Connection Manager – Retain connection setting throws error if connection is reused in the package
  • FIX: PostgreSQL Connection Manager – TCP keep alive timer might crash with default (0) value on certain machines
  • FIX: REST API Task, JSON, XML, CSV Source – POST Call – Upload large file might fail with OutOfMemory Exception (2GB or larger)
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – You may get error – Object reference not set when connection is not set
  • FIX: Secure FTP Task – Get Folder list doesn’t fetch all subfolders in the recursive scan
  • FIX: Secure FTP Task – Get Folder list doesn’t fetch folders if path doesnt end with slash at the end
  • FIX: Secure FTP Task – Get Folder list doesn’t work on the Root folder
  • FIX: XML Source, XML Parser Transform – Detect 0001 or +18001231122 as string rather than integer (Plus sign can be used in Phone number field)
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