SSIS PowerPack 5.3.1 released


This release brings tons of new features and bug fixes. We have added support for ElasticSearch, OData connectors. It fixes important issues with connectors for CosmosDB, ElasticSearch, JIRA, and JSON / XML / CSV Generator Transform. To see full release notes click here

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: Advanced File System Task – Do not force wildcard pattern in Get File List / Delete Files if Path is folder
  • NEW: Amazon DynamoDB Source – Table name not quoted when you change to Query Mode – Misleading error – Where Expected error in Query mode
  • NEW: API Connection Manager – Expose TrustedDomains Property for parameterization
  • NEW: API Connector – ElasticSearch – Add endpoints to create / delete index
  • NEW: API Connector – ElasticSearch – Add support for Ignore SSL Certificate related errors (Useful when URL is using Self-Signed Certificates)
  • NEW: API Connector – ElasticSearch – Add support list/read/write/query from Alias
  • NEW: API Connector – OData – Add new Property SslVersion to allow Tls1.3 / Other Encryption algorithms (This might help on some OS like Windows 2012 R2 / Windows 2016 Server where Modern Algorithms not supported by OS)
  • NEW: API Connector – OData – Add support for Ignore SSL Certificate related errors (Useful when URL is using Self-Signed Certificates)
  • NEW: API Connector – OneDrive – Add new endpoint get_excel_worksheet_autodetect to read WorkSheet data without knowing Address Range e.g. A1:F100 – Support Dynamic Row / Column count
  • NEW: API Connector – OneDrive – Token URL list as Multi-Tenant or Single Tenant to avoid confusion
  • NEW: API Connector – SharePoint – Add new endpoint get_excel_worksheet_autodetect to read WorkSheet data without knowing Address Range e.g. A1:F100 – Support Dynamic Row / Column count
  • NEW: API Connector – SharePoint – Added support for Managed Metadata fields (Show Label, WssId and TermGuid)
  • NEW: API Connector – SharePoint – Provide Insert Update, Delete, Lookup options for LookupItem Table (Previously you can only see List names as Table names based on default SiteId on Connection Settings)
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Add OptionsEndPointWhere – Simple WHERE clause to reduce data coming from OptionsEndPoint (e.g. Type=’EMP’ and Code=1 and Day IN(1,2,3) )
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Add Regex and Wildcard Pattern support in TrustedDomains (e.g. ** –OR– regex::(.*?)
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Allow LayoutMap to Bind with Parameters for SELECT operation
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Allow to use multiple parameters with Direct Placeholder functions (e.g. <<[$p1$],FUN_xxxx>> <<[$p2$],FUN_xxxx>> )
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Provide OptionsExtra Property to include Extra Label / Value Pairs to append / prefix in resultset (use ~~ prefix / suffix to control position of extra values e.g. Label 1=value1;Label 2=value2~~ )
  • NEW: API Source – Allow to Filter Table List by entry type (i.e. All, Tables, EndPoints, Query)
  • NEW: API Source, API Destination – Show help on how to use Variable / Dynamic Values for Parameters
  • NEW: API, HTTP, OAuth, Salesforce, Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Google Data Connection Manager – Expose Error Retry Settings as Property for Parameterization
  • NEW: Azure Storage Task, Amazon Storage Task – Improve error message when bad character used in Meta or Tag (Right now it says bad request 400)
  • NEW: Azure Storage, Amazon Storage, Secure FTP, Advanced File System – Option to SKIP result set with ORDER BY X ASC or DESC (Useful for Delete / Copy / Download /Upload / List all files except top 1 – e.g. newest or oldest)
  • NEW: Excel Source – Choose Tab automatically with matching string in any Tab – New Property SearchStringForTabSelect
  • NEW: Excel Source – Provide a way to read all Tabs with matching regex (e.g. SELECT * FROM [Sales_(.*)–regex] )
  • NEW: Export CSV Task – Provide an easy option to add escape rule for Double Quote
  • NEW: General – Add Help links under General Page to explain how to handle parameters / secret values
  • NEW: JSON / XML / CSV Generator Transform – Provide a clear note how to include some Upstream Columns in Downstream (Found on Add/Edit Attribute UI but for many users hard to notice)
  • NEW: JSON/CSV/XML Generator Transform – Show help text on component UI for passing Upstream columns to the Downstream components
  • NEW: OAuth Connection – Allow to pass scopes in Token call (Now ExtraAttributesForTokenRequest accepts <%oauth_scope%> placeholder anywhere in the value)
  • NEW: Salesforce Source – Update UI to show how to download Attachments
  • NEW: Secure FTP Task – Make it clear that [Delete Source Files Only After Download] option also deletes empty folders from source

Bug fixes

  • FIX: API Connection Manager – When refresh token is blank and refresh token file is used, it produces an unauthorized error (401)
  • FIX: API Connector – CosmosDB – get_document throws error on UI due to bad options for ConsistencyLevel
  • FIX: API Connector – ElasticSearch – Pagination not working (never stops)
  • FIX: API Connector – JIRA – Custom fields not listed correctly after you select them
  • FIX: API Destination – Mapped Columns not used if name not matching exactly same as Target column (input metadata)
  • FIX: API Source, API Destination – You might get an exception after selecting connection – Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0047041
  • FIX: Excel Source – Metadata Scan options not working
  • FIX: Excel, PostgreSql, Redshift Source – Change from Table mode to Query mode doesn’t create correct SQL sometimes (when Sheet name contains space or other special characters)
  • FIX: Export Excel Task – Offset Cell option Trimmed on UI
  • FIX: General – Some registry key entries not cleaned up (under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\.DEFAULT\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID) if Service account has no write access to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
  • FIX: Google Data Connection – Use of Service Account doesnt renew OAuth token after 1 hour in long running job
  • FIX: JSON / XML / CSV Generator Transform – Date format dropdown is empty (was showing formats before v5.2)
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Blank Access token throw error if refresh token is there (AccessToken should be ignored if RefreshToken is used everytime to fetch new AccessToken)
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – If RefreshToken on UI is empty then Refresh Token File Path is not used
  • FIX: Reporting Services Task – When Export as Email checked it always deletes local file even you checked Export as File along with Email
  • FIX: Salesforce Connection Manager – AllOrNone, AllowFieldTruncation and AllowSaveOnDuplicates Options not working
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – Scan upto 500 rows when SQL has nested fields (some rows might have nulls so may not detect nested field names unless you scan many rows)
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – When nested field value is null in first row it may not detected related fields in Query Mode (e.g. Account name null for => SELECT Id, Account.Name from Contact) – Work fine in Preview but Columns Tab (Meta) not listing Account.Name
  • FIX: Secure FTP Task – Delete source file after successful transfer option is not working if you check Use Partial extension option
  • FIX: Validation Task – File Count property validation throws error – Specified argument was out of range
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