API Integration Hub

Welcome to API Integration Hub. We are excited to launch our brand new API Connector Library and Framework to build your own API connectors.

Last few years we learned a lot by helping thousands of customers to integrate simple to most complex API Systems (using our generic API Drivers / SSIS Connectors). It was a great start to provide a most generic way to connect to API but it required some learning curve (i.e. You had to learn Authentication, Pagination, Endpoints, and many other details for API calls).

Now we are making it even simpler to connect to popular online services by providing pre-configured API Connectors. We have started with a handful of API connectors (see list below) but we are going to add many more in the coming days so stay tuned!!! These easy-to-use API connectors can be consumed from popular ETL Tools / Reporting Apps / Programming Languages (i.e. SSIS, Informatica, SSRS, SQL Server, Power BI, Excel, C#, JAVA, Python etc.).


Connect any API inside ETL / Reporting / BI Apps / Programming Languages


Choose your App / Scenario for which you like to integrate