How to call NetSuite RESTlet API in SSIS / ODBC

Introduction In our previous post we saw how to read API data in SSIS. This post we will cover how to call NetSuite RESTlet to read / write data in SSIS or ODBC Apps. For demo purpose we will use SSIS PowerPack REST API Task but concepts and many UI elements remain same for ODBC […]

How to call OneDrive API in SSIS (Upload, Download)

Introduction Microsoft Graph API is a unified way to access many Microsoft services API including OneDrive API. In our previous blog post we saw how to call Office 365 API Graph API. In this post, you will focus on how to access OneDrive API in SSIS and use REST API Task or connector like SSIS JSON / […]

How to read data from ElasticSearch using SSIS

Introduction In our previous article, we see how to load data into Elastic Search using SSIS. Now let’s look at how to read data from ElasticSearch using SSIS and load response into SQL Server. Elasticsearch is a powerful engine that allows you to store, aggregate and, most importantly, search data in a very analytical way. In this tutorial, you […]

Call Google Search Console API using SSIS REST API Task (OAuth Authentication)

Get data from Google Search Console API in SSIS and ODBC Apps

Introduction In our previous few posts we saw how to call various google apis in SSIS.  In this post lets learn how to call Google Search Console API in SSIS or other ODBC Compatible Apps such as Power BI, Informatica, SSRS using API Drivers for ODBC About Google Search Console API (Google Webmaster API) If […]

Power BI Integration

How to refresh Power BI dataset with REST API using SSIS

Introduction In this article, you will learn how to refresh a Power BI dataset with Power BI REST API using SSIS and ZappySys SSIS PowerPack. Power BI is a Microsoft reporting product that can get data from virtually any source and display it nicely in a report or a dashboard. Each Power BI report contains a dataset, which can be refreshed […]

How to read YouTube API data in SSIS (Videos, Channels, Playlists)

Introduction In last few articles we saw how to read data from various Google Services. In this article we will see how to read YouTube API data in SSIS. This blog mainly focus on SSIS approach but steps mentioned to call Google APIs can be useful for any developer regardless which programming language or toolset […]

Read Freshdesk data in SSIS – REST API Call

Introduction In this post we will learn how to read Freshdesk data in SSIS using ZappySys JSON / REST API Source. We will see how to authenticate, paginate / parse and load Freshdesk data into SQL Server Table in just few clicks. If you don’t use Freshdesk and considering using Zendesk instead then check our previous […]


Understand HTTP Status Code and Fix Common Errors in REST API

Introduction Any time you send HTTP Request according to HTTP Standard using tools like ZappySys REST API Drivers or SSIS Connectors you may receive web response along with HTTP Status Codes. Dealing with REST / SOAP API calls you may face errors and you may find it challenging to understand generic error message from server along with […]

Read / Write Shopify data in SSIS (REST API)

Introduction In our previous article, we saw how to call REST API in SSIS. Now in let’s use that knowledge and learn how to read/write Shopify data in SSIS. If you are not aware of Shopify then its one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there for small shops who sell online. Shopify provides […]

Read HTML Table in SSIS – Extract / Download Links / Images

Introduction In this post you will learn how to extract data from web pages using SSIS. In other words, read HTML Table in SSIS, then Loop through extracted links and finally download files. To achieve this scenario we will use SSIS HTML Source and REST API Task.     Step-By-Step To achieve desired extraction from web pages […]