Introduction OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, provide both a web interface and an API for seamless integration of their tools into applications. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to establish a connection with the OpenAI API in SSIS using ZappySys JSON Source, enabling seamless data integration and retrieval. Prerequisites Before we perform steps […]

ZappySys OAuth Connection in SSIS

Download Gmail Attachment in SSIS

Introduction Download Gmail Attachment in SSIS is always a little bit difficult compared to work with a simple text or numeric columns. If you are not an expert in SSIS, doing that the first time may be Challenging. That is why we created this article for you. Doing this is a common request that we frequently receive […]

Call Google Search Console API using SSIS REST API Task (OAuth Authentication)

Get data from Google Search Console API in SSIS and ODBC Apps

Introduction In our previous few posts we saw how to call various google apis in SSIS.  In this post lets learn how to call Google Search Console API in SSIS or other ODBC Compatible Apps such as Power BI, Informatica, SSRS using API Drivers for ODBC About Google Search Console API (Google Webmaster API) If […]


How to Make PayPal API Call in ODBC / SQL Server (T-SQL)

Introduction In our previous article we saw how to call PayPal API in SSIS. Now in this article, we will see How to Make PayPal API Call in ODBC from the SQL Server. This blog mainly focuses on ODBC approach but steps mentioned to call PayPal APIs can be useful for any developer regardless of which […]

Pivot JSON / XML Data option for ZappySys API Connectors / Drivers

Pivot JSON and XML data using SSIS or ODBC Drivers

Introduction In our previous post we saw various ways to transform JSON arrays. However there will be a time when your JSON / XML file wont have Array and you need to Pivot JSON Data. Sample JSON data file Here is a sample JSON file which we like to parse into rows and columns. Notice […]


Read WordPress data using SSIS REST API Call

Introduction In this post you will learn how to Read WordPress data using SSIS REST API Call (Drag and drop approach without any coding).  We will use SSIS JSON/ REST API Source to extract data from WordPress API. In this blog we will see how to get all WordPress Posts, Pages and Categories using JSON Source and […]

QuickBooks Online Logo

Read data from QuickBooks Online into SQL Server via ODBC Driver

Introduction QuickBooks Online is a well-known Cloud-based Accounting Software. In this post, you will learn how to implement QuickBooks Online API Integration with SQL Server or any other RDBMS (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql) using ODBC in few clicks. We will use ODBC JSON / REST API Driver to read data from QuickBooks Online and Load into SQL Server / other targets (Using OAuth […]

Read / Write REST API data in Talend (JSON / XML / SOAP)

Introduction In this post we will learn how to read / write REST API data in Talend Open Studio. We will create a simple Talend Job using ZappySys JSON  Driver to read from REST API / JSON Files and load into Target (e.g. File / DB). Techniques listed in this article can be also used to read […]

Write in JIRA

Insert, Update and Delete JIRA Issue in SQL Server

Introduction In our previous blog we saw how to read JIRA data in SQL Server. In this blog, we will learn how to Insert, Update and Delete Issue in JIRA using ZappySys JSON Driver. We will also read data from SQL Server data table in stored-procedure and insert JIRA issues in bulk, along with few other […]