SSIS Data Load – SQL Server to FTP/SFTP (Split Files, GZip)

Introduction In this blog post you will see how easy it is to load large amount of data from SQL Server to FTP/SFTP. SSIS Data Load – SQL Server to FTP/SFTP (Split Files, GZip). For demo purpose we will use SQL Server as relational source but you can use same steps for any database engine […]

JSON File Destination - Generate JSON in SSIS from multiple inputs

5 Ways to Export JSON from SQL Server using SSIS

Introduction SQL Server 2012 and all previous versions lacking native JSON support, same theory is true for their ETL Platform SSIS. If you are one of them who wants to export JSON from SQL Server or any other RDBMS like MySQL, Oracle then you can easily output complex JSON using any of the following components. Five ways of […]