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Download Salesforce Attachment in SSIS

Introduction Download Salesforce Attachment in SSIS can be difficult the first time. In this new article, we will show how to download an Attachment from the Salesforce Source into a file using SSIS. Working with images is always tricky the first time. However, with the right article, this process is really simple. This article will show you how […]

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SSIS PowerPack v2.9.5 released (Maintenance Release)

What’s New In this release we focused on fixing some bugs with Dynamics CRM Source , Dynamics CRM Destination and Reporting Services Task. Version [Jun 24, 2019] New Features/Improvements NEW: Excel Source – Add option to read from any sheet by number rather than hard coded table name (e.g. $4$ , $5$ … ) Bug fixes […]

How to export data from Salesforce to SQL Server using SSIS

Introduction Salesforce is a popular CRM tool which lets you manage your sales, contacts, products and other useful things. In this tutorial, you will learn how to export data from Salesforce to SQL Server using SSIS (part of SQL Server) and ZappySys PowerPack. In this article, we will extract Salesforce contacts and import them into a […]