How to Pivot CSV Data in SSIS

Introduction In our previous blog we saw How to write data into CSV file in SSIS (GZip / Split). Now in this blog, we will see How to Pivot CSV Data in SSIS using CSV Source. It also supports Pivot mode so you can convert single CSV string value into Rows. In this article we […]

SSIS Magento data Read / Write using REST API Call

Introduction In this post we will lean SSIS Magento data read / write operations. Magento is a very popular eCommerce platform and they offer JSON based REST API and XML based SOAP API. You can use either API based on your need to automate common integration needs. We recommend using REST API (JSON API) if possible […]

How to call Amazon MWS API using SSIS

Introduction In this post you will learn how to call Amazon MWS API (Amazon Marketplace Web Service) or Amazon Product Advertising API using SSIS PowerPack. Using drag and drop approach you can consume data from Amazon MWS XML Web service. In this post we will use ZappySys XML Source connector to read data from Amazon MWS […]