How to add row numbers in SSIS data flow

Problem Sometimes Data Flow source does not contain an ID column, or a number indicating a row number, which you need in further steps. To solve this, you may use a free ZappySys PowerPack component Template Transform. So let’s take a look at how to accomplish that.     Tip Add Template Transform Go to […]

How to create SSIS Package Programmatically (Add / Execute Tasks)

Introduction In this post, we will see how to create SSIS Package Programmatically to use ZappySys SSIS PowerPack. This blog post assumes you have basic knowledge of Programming language like C# and you have installed Visual Studio Express or a similar product (VS Code not supported). Add SSIS Dll References The very first thing is […]

How to migrate Postman API call to SSIS / ODBC PowerPack

Introduction In the previous article, we learned how to copy settings from curl to ZappySys products, and in this article, we will continue on how to migrate Postman API call to SSIS / ODBC PowerPack. Postman is a very popular client tool to test API calls. Many API providers document how to call their API using […]

How to detect missing columns in SSIS

How to detect extra columns or missing columns Sometimes, we need to validate the input columns to check if there are some extra columns or missing columns in SSIS. ZappySys includes some pretty nice tools, but some of them cannot check the required values. To fix that problem, you can complement these tools with our Regular Expression Parser […]

SSIS PGP Encryption / Decryption (Using FREE GPG Tool)

Introduction In this new article, we will show you how to perform PGP encryption using SSIS (encrypt / decrypt files using public / private key). Our previous article was about SFTP using our SFTP task for SSIS. Now we will show how to encrypt the information. Requirements First of all, you will need SSDT for Business Intelligence for […]

Using Regular Expressions in SSIS

Introduction In this short article, you will learn how to write Regular expressions in SSIS (i.e. Regex) and what tool to use to test them. You will also find helpful resources on how to write more sophisticated expressions and learn more about them. For demo purposes, we will use FREE SSIS Regex Parser Task to parse and […]

How to create BIML custom task or component

Introduction BIML or Business Intelligence Markup Language is a nice technology that lets you generate SSIS packages using a bit of scripting and parameters.  Check for more info if you are new to it: In this article we will cover the points how to create BIML custom task or component. For this purpose […]

How to make Path / URL dynamic in SSIS

Problem Most of SSIS PowerPack components support simple text placeholders engine to make things dynamic without using Complex Steps of SSIS Expression Engine. So let’s look at how to make Path / URL or other input values dynamic in SSIS. To show you how to do that we will use JSON Source component, but basically, […]

Tip – How to check file size before download from URL

Introduction In this article you will see how to use SSIS REST API Task to get file size without actually downloading it.       Prerequisites Before we look into Step-By-Step section to get file size from URL let’s make sure you met following requirements. SSIS designer installed. Sometimes it is referred as BIDS or SSDT […]