How to get all URLs from emails from Outlook

Introduction This time we will explain how to get all URLS from emails using MS Outlook. Sometimes we need get all URLs from emails. In this post, we will show how to do this. Step by step using SSIS. Microsoft Graph API is a unified way to access many Microsoft services API including Office 365 API Prerequisites Before […]

How to add row numbers in SSIS data flow

Problem Sometimes Data Flow source does not contain an ID column, or a number indicating a row number, which you need in further steps. To solve this, you may use a free ZappySys PowerPack component Template Transform. So let’s take a look at how to accomplish that.     Tip Add Template Transform Go to […]

How to compare records in SSIS using hash

Introduction In this blog,  we are going to learn to how to compare records in SSIS using hash method. We will use FREE Template Transform component along with Sort Transform, Merge Join Transform and Conditional Split Transform. We will see how to produce hash value from multiple columns and later compare source\target hash values to detect changes\new rows. Data […]

How to call NetSuite RESTlet API in SSIS / ODBC

Introduction In our previous post we saw how to read API data in SSIS. This post we will cover how to call NetSuite RESTlet to read / write data in SSIS or ODBC Apps. For demo purpose we will use SSIS PowerPack REST API Task but concepts and many UI elements remain same for ODBC […]

Create new SSIS OAuth API Connection Manager

Read/Write ManageEngine ServiceDesk Data in SSIS (Zoho API)

Introduction In this post, you will learn how to read / write ManageEngine ServiceDesk data in SSIS (Drag and drop approach without any coding).  We will use SSIS JSON/ REST API Source to extract data from Servicedesk API and use SSIS Web API Destination to write data to Zoho. We will look at step-by-step instructions to read ServiceDesk  data […]

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Read data from SharePoint List in SSIS (On-Premises SOAP API)

Introduction In this article, we learn how to call SharePoint (on-premises) SOAP API Service in SSIS. If you intend to call SharePoint Online (part of Office 365), we suggest reading SSIS SharePoint Online Connector article. Using SOAP API with SharePoint in SSIS is a common requirement to Administer SharePoint. SharePoint on-premises is a nice Microsoft […]

How to query salesforce data using Bulk API in SSIS

Introduction In our previous post, we saw how to read Salesforce data using SSIS Salesforce Source (Which uses SOAP API under the hood). This may be slow if you have millions of rows because Salesforce Source paginates every 2000 rows, so it’s not a good option to read millions of rows to iterate on a […]

How to create SSIS Package Programmatically (Add / Execute Tasks)

Introduction In this post, we will see how to create SSIS Package Programmatically to use ZappySys SSIS PowerPack. This blog post assumes you have basic knowledge of Programming language like C# and you have installed Visual Studio Express or a similar product (VS Code not supported). Add SSIS Dll References The very first thing is […]