ZappySys OAuth Connection in SSIS

Download Gmail Attachment in SSIS

Introduction Download Gmail Attachment in SSIS is always a little bit difficult compared to work with a simple text or numeric columns. If you are not an expert in SSIS, doing that the first time may be Challenging. That is why we created this article for you. Doing this is a common request that we frequently receive […]

Salesforce Connection

Download Salesforce Attachment in SSIS

Introduction Download Salesforce Attachment in SSIS can be difficult the first time. In this new article, we will show how to download an Attachment from the Salesforce Source into a file using SSIS. Working with images is always tricky the first time. However, with the right article, this process is really simple. This article will show you how […]

How to make Web API Destination dynamic (URL, Body, Headers)

Introduction In this article, we will show how to work with the Web API Destination and create a dynamic URL, Body or header. For this purpose, we will use the following components: ZappySys SSIS PowerPack component to make things work:   In these examples, we are going to show different examples of how to send a dynamic URL, dynamic […]

How to convert SQL to CSV in SSIS

How to convert SQL to CSV in SSIS There are several tricks related to convert SQL to CSV. For example, dates, working with variables, converting text, working with stored procedures. In this article, we will work with several tips to convert SQL Server data to the CSV format using CSV. For this article, we will use the following […]

How to detect missing columns in SSIS

How to detect extra columns or missing columns Sometimes, we need to validate the input columns to check if there are some extra columns or missing columns in SSIS. ZappySys includes some pretty nice tools, but some of them cannot check the required values. To fix that problem, you can complement these tools with our Regular Expression Parser […]

SSIS timer logo

How to delay SSIS execution using Timer Task

Sometimes we need to delay task in SSIS and there is no simple way to do it. In this article, we will show a simple free task to do it. We will delay 1 minute a task and then we will show how to delay until a specific day and time.   How to delay SSIS tasks […]

SSIS PGP Encryption / Decryption (Using FREE GPG Tool)

Introduction In this new article, we will show you how to perform PGP encryption using SSIS (encrypt / decrypt files using public / private key). Our previous article was about SFTP using our SFTP task for SSIS. Now we will show how to encrypt the information. Requirements First of all, you will need SSDT for Business Intelligence for […]

Write/Read WordPress data using SSIS and REST API

Introduction In this new article, we will show how to read WordPress data using REST API. REST API is a very popular software architectural style for Web Services. SSIS is a very popular ETL software used to integrate almost any data (SQL Server, Oracle, Excel, DB2, CSV files, Big Data, Facebook, Gmail, etc). Requirements For this example, we will use a […]

How to read RSS feed in SSIS and ODBC (with pagination)

Introduction Read RSS feed in SSIS can be challenging. RSS named first RDF Site Summary and later named Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication allows customer applications to be updated with the news of a site. For example, Microsoft RSS feeds, Apple RSS feeds, Samsung RSS feeds, etc.  With RSS the information comes to you directly and you do […]

Read / Write Shopify data in SSIS (REST API)

Introduction In our previous article, we saw how to call REST API in SSIS. Now in let’s use that knowledge and learn how to read/write Shopify data in SSIS. If you are not aware of Shopify then its one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there for small shops who sell online. Shopify provides […]