Azure BLOB Storage

Read Azure Blob Storage Files in SSIS (CSV, JSON, XML)

Introduction In our previous blog we saw how to load data into Azure Blob Storage. Now in this blog, we will see How to read Azure Blob Storage Files in SSIS (CSV, JSON, XML Format files). To illustrate, we will use ZappySys SSIS PowerPack, which includes several tasks to import/export data from multiples sources to multiple destinations like […]

How to read RSS feed in SSIS and ODBC (with pagination)

Introduction Read RSS feed in SSIS can be challenging. RSS named first RDF Site Summary and later named Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication allows customer applications to be updated with the news of a site. For example, Microsoft RSS feeds, Apple RSS feeds, Samsung RSS feeds, etc.  With RSS the information comes to you directly and you do […]

SSIS MongoDB Array Upsert Example (Update / Insert Array Items based on custom lookup condition)

Update or Insert – Upsert MongoDB Array Items using SSIS

Introduction In our previous blog post we saw how to update / delete mongodb array item. Now let’s look at how to Upsert MongoDB Array Items (i.e. Insert Item if not found in Array else Update existing record). Upsert into nested MongoDB Array requires two step process, unfortunately there is no easy way to do […]

Convert Varbinary to BASE64 using SSIS Template Transform

How to convert Varbinary to Base64 in SSIS

Introduction In this post we will show you how to convert varbinary to Base64 in SSIS. We will use FREE Tasks provided by ZappySys. Preparing Sample Data First let’s create a sample table with some Varbinary datatype. Run following command in SSMS to create a sample table with one sample row.

  Method 1 […]

Read / Write Shopify data in SSIS (REST API)

Introduction In our previous article, we saw how to call REST API in SSIS. Now in let’s use that knowledge and learn how to read/write Shopify data in SSIS. If you are not aware of Shopify then its one of the most popular eCommerce platforms out there for small shops who sell online. Shopify provides […]

SSIS Magento data Read / Write using REST API Call

Introduction In this post we will lean SSIS Magento data read / write operations. Magento is a very popular eCommerce platform and they offer JSON based REST API and XML based SOAP API. You can use either API based on your need to automate common integration needs. We recommend using REST API (JSON API) if possible […]

Splunk Logo

How to read data from Splunk in SSIS

Introduction Splunk is commonly used for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, via a Web-style interface. In this post, you will learn how to implement Splunk API Integration with SQL Server or any other RDBMS (e.g. Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql) using SSIS in a few clicks. We will use SSIS XML Source Connector to Read data from Splunk and Load into SQL Server / […]

Delete Amazon S3 File (Multiple) using Wildcard pattern

How to delete Amazon S3 File / Folder / Bucket in SSIS

Introduction In our previous posts we looked at how to use SSIS Amazon Storage Task (Amazon S3 Task) to automate some Amazon S3 related tasks in SSIS. In this blog post will continue discovering more use cases. Let’s learn how to delete Amazon S3 File, delete Amazon S3 Folder and delete Amazon S3 Bucket. Deleting S3 Files […]