SSIS PowerPack v2.9.3 released (Maintenance Release)

What’s New

In this release we focused on mainly providing important BUG fixes / features. For example in this release we added feature in HTTP Connection to support HMAC Signature Authentication.  HMAC Auth enables API support like Azure CosmosDB. We also worked on few bug fixes for Salesforce Source and Amazon Redshift Data Transfer Task.

Full Notes:

Version [Apr 17, 2019]

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: Amazon Redshift Data Transfer Task – Add option to save audit information to variables
  • NEW: Azure Source, AWS Source, Secure FTP Source – Add support for Zip format (CSV, JSON, XML Sources)
  • NEW: Dynamics CRM Destination – Add all possible LinkedEntity Type names as comma separated values (Previously only one name was stored)
  • NEW: General – Add Hash Functions For Placeholders (e.g HASH_SHA1, HASH_SHA256 , HASH_SHA512) – Use HASH_XXXXXX_HEX to return as Hex value rather than Base64
  • NEW: HTTP Connection – Add Support for HMAC Signature Authentication ( MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512)
  • NEW: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – Add support for Zip format when reading data from URL
  • NEW: Secure FTP Task – doesn’t fail when the file we are looking for is not available on the FTP site

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Amazon Redshift Data Transfer Task – Total files loaded count and total lines scanned showing wrong numbers in load summary
  • FIX: Amazon Redshift Data Transfer Task – When you check create missing target table option and if its empty you may get – ERROR: 42P07: Relation “target_table” already exists
  • FIX: Amazon Redshift Data Transfer Task – When source query produce zero records and you enabled Compressed Gzip files then its never deleted from Stage area regardless Delete Setting
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Destination – You may get error – Unable to cast object of type ‘System.Guid’ to type ‘Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.EntityReference’
  • FIX: HTML Email Task – EnableSsl Option throws error for some SMTP Servers such as (
  • FIX: JSON Generator Transform, XML Generator Transform, CSV Generator Transform – Batching doesn’t work correctly if you place Data flow inside Loop
  • FIX: JSON Source, XMl Source, CSV Source- You may get Object reference not set error for last page if pagination is set for Rfc5988 Method
  • FIX: REST API Task – Test request from UI may fail if you use HTTP Connection with DynamicToken Setting and Json Filter Expression on Token Response Tab
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – Child Query fields not generated correctly when first row in Query result has zero child records
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – Preview shows wrong data for Child Query fields where child records appear after first row
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – You may receive No records returned for specified table/query when you try to save UI for Query which returns zero rows (e.g. WHERE condition or HAVING clause usage)
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