SSIS PowerPack v2.9.2 released (Maintenance Release)

What’s New

In this release we focused on mainly focused on fixing high priority bugs related to Upsert Destination. We also added High DPI Monitor Support with Auto Scale UI option (4K Resolution now supported)

Full Notes:

Version [Mar 21, 2019]

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: Excel Source – Add Option to read first sheet and last sheet rather than fixed name ( $last_sheet$ and $first_sheet$ )
  • NEW: General – Support for UI Auto Scaling when High DPI / Font Scaling Enabled on your OS (e.g. Win10) – 4K Monitors or High Resolution Display now supported
  • NEW: Generator Tarnsforms / Export Tasks for JSON, XML, CSV – Add Option to set Date Format at column level rather than global option
  • NEW: Upsert Destination – Add Create Table Option based on Upstream Metadata
  • NEW: Upsert Destination – Add option to preview exising data from selected table
  • NEW: Upsert Destination – Add option to show source and target column datatypes

Bug fixes

  • FIX: All Source Components – After Sorting Available Columns you may lose Output column renames in the columns grid, also output columns sorted in reverse order
  • FIX: All Source Components – After Sorting Columns you cannot remove or add columns from the grid
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – Mapped Column status icon is not refreshing after column is mapped
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – varchar, char, text datatypes detected as DT_WSTR / DT_NTEXT rather than DT_STR / DT_TEXT
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – When you have zero rows in source you may get error – Invalid object name #zappysys_xxxxxx_yyyyyyyy
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – When you map to column with scale=zero (e.g. numeric(N, 0)) you may get error on save
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – You may get error when you change source column after save – An item with the same key has already been added
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – You may get object reference not set error in advanced edit
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