SSIS PowerPack 4.2.3 released


This was a minor update release. It fixes important issues with API Source, API Destination, DynamoDB, Export XML Task, JSON Source, CSV Source, XML Source, Upsert Destination and Salesforce Source. To see full release notes click here

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: API Connector – SharePoint Online – Add new endpoint get_list_items_dynamic to read complex datatypes (e.g. Lookup, Location) using dynamic metadata – Right now it shows null value with Static Metadata
  • NEW: HTTP Connection Manager, OAuth Connection Manager – Expose RetainSameConnection option on the UI
  • NEW: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – Allow Regular Expression Extract for Paginate using [Response Header Contains Continuation Toke] Mode (e.g. nextHeader=someResponseHeader(your-regular-expression) )
  • NEW: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – Allow to use different header name for next request for Paginate using [Response Header Contains Continuation Toke] Mode (e.g. header::nextHeader=someResponseHeader )
  • NEW: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – Paginate using Pass Response Header to Next URL Mode throws error – Specified value has invalid HTTP Header characters
  • NEW: JSON, XML, CSV Source, REST API Task, Web API Destination – Add Support for Tls 1.3
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager – Add support for OAuth 1.0 with SHA256 (Usecase like NetSuite API)
  • NEW: Secure FTP Task – Add support for Ed25519 (EdDSA on edwards25519 curve)
  • NEW: Upsert Destination – Auto map function should normalize name (Remove underscore, space, dot , dash) while matching names to auto map
  • NEW: Upsert Destination – Mapping Screen Refresh should allow to add new columns rather than reset all

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Advanced File System Task, Secure FTP Task, Amazon Storage Task, Azure Storage Task – WHERE / Include Regex / Exclude Regex Options not working when you choose Get Latest / Oldest file path option
  • FIX: API Connector Framework – New API Connector Wizard launched from JSON Source wipes out ClientId / Secret in OAuth connection Manager
  • FIX: API Destination – Component gets corrupted when required parameter is mapped and some value supplied for the same mapped param on the UI in parameters grid
  • FIX: API Destination – You may get validation error at design time even if you map required column
  • FIX: API Source – Preview fails on some connectors (i.e. SharePoint) when Auth Parameter Default Value is non-empty and same Parameter on endpoint is empty (i.e. SiteId in SharePoint)
  • FIX: Compression Task – Invalid or corrupted ZIP archive (Happens in rare case when Header is invalid) – Providing option to skip header check might help
  • FIX: DynamoDB Source – Runtime returns different number of rows than preview in some cases (especially new index / partition key defined and you use where clause on it)
  • FIX: Export CSV Task – Empty Column Delimiter cause error – Index was outside the bounds of the array
  • FIX: Export CSV, XML, JSON Task – Refresh UI on connection selection so no more validation errors about [Select Connection]
  • FIX: Export XML Task – Split Options – Enable Split by Size Not working
  • FIX: HTML Table Source – BREAKING CHANGE – Trim whitespaces option is not working for numeric columns and column headers (after updating new version some old columns prefix with space may return NULL data (so just open package / refresh metadata)
  • FIX: JSON Source, XML Source – Pagination not working when End Strategy = Bytes and Response is GZip compressed and Server doesnt return Content-Length header
  • FIX: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – For SSIS 2014 and higher – When OAuth Connection is used it ignores SSL / TLS Settings set on Component UI and always use system default SSL Lib
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Option [Do Not Send Credentials in Body] doesnt work (It sends secret in Body regardless)
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – Preview fails for some Numeric columns
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – Clicking on Map all may cause key already added error because its trying to map column which is already map
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – Inner Exception is not included when component fails
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