SSIS PowerPack 4.2.2 released


This was a minor update release. It have added a new API Connectors for Google Drive, SharePoint Online & Zoho. Also, It fixes important issues with API Source, API Destination, Salesforce Source and Web API Destination. To see full release notes click here

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: API Connector – Google Drive – Add support for very large large file upload using Split Chunk / Content-Range method
  • NEW: API Connector – SharePoint Online – Added ContinueOn404Error option for get_list_item endpoint (read single list item by ID) to prevent error if ID is bad.
  • NEW: API Connector – Zoho – Add retry logic on API limit reached (Status 429)
  • NEW: General – Add Validation when Source / Destination Error Output is attached but Rather than Redirect its selected something else
  • NEW: General – Allow to pass valid datetime as input for TO_DATE / TO_DATETIME function (e.g. <<2012-12-31,FUN_TO_DATE>> or <<2012-12-31|~|yyyy MM dd,FUN_TO_DATE>> )
  • NEW: General – Provide an option to generate offline key (so you do not have to contact ZappySys Support for offline machine activation)
  • NEW: JSON, XML, CSV Source / Azure / Amazon / SFTP – Preview doesn’t show any data if Recursive Option is checked and file not found on root folder of selected path (Execution at Runtime works fine)
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager – If Changing RefreshTokenFilePath is not empty and if you try to regenerate new token it will not update the file
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager – Show redirect URL warning if user using Non-ZappySys URL
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager – Warn user if default browser is set to IE and ask to install Edge/Chrome (Many websites now failed to load in IE so token extraction fails)
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager, Google Data Connection Manager (Google Analytics) – Use Loopback Redirect URL for Custom App to comply with new Google Changes (Disallow – Redirect to urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob for apps created after Feb 2022)
  • NEW: Reporting Services Task – Add support for parameters in Local mode
  • NEW: REST API Task – Add support for uploading very large files using Content-Range Header (Split Large Stream into chunks)
  • NEW: REST API Task, HTTP Connection Manager – Allow to extract data from JSON array response using array item index in JSONPath (e.g. [0].some_field ) – on Response Tab (In Task / HTTP Connection- Dynamic Token)
  • NEW: REST API Task, JSON / XML / CSV Source – Expose MatchForEqual Option for ContineOnErrorForStatusCode [Continue on error with specific response status code] on Error Handling Tab
  • NEW: REST API Task, Web API Destination – Add option to allow custom Boundary for Multipart/form-data Upload (Right now we auto generate boundary for each request which may not be accepted by some API)

Bug fixes

  • FIX: API Connector Framework – Parameter with ValueTemplate cause placeholder replacement issue depending on parameter order
  • FIX: API Source, API Destination – Bool datatype is detected as String for Endpoints without Static OutputColumns
  • FIX: API Source, API Destination – Changing refresh token pattern might cause issue on preview data after you click test connection and come back to preview
  • FIX: General – DataType Change cause UI crash in Columns Data Grid
  • FIX: Google Analytics Connection Manager – After Upgrading to new version if you generate new token it might fail at runtime or on Test connection with Authentication Failed error
  • FIX: HTTP Connection Manager, OAuth Connection Manager – Show Proxy not available warning if SSL / TLS settings changed other than System Default
  • FIX: Licensing – Subscription renew doesnt auto apply key if you running SSIS ADF Cluster and main.cmd referring expired key
  • FIX: Salesforce Source – You may get object reference not set to an instance error if you run many data flows in parallel
  • FIX: Template Transform – Replace Column Placeholders before Direct / Placeholders Function (i.e. << <%col1%>,<%col2%>, FUN_HASH_SHA256 >> should replace columns first and then invoke direct placeholder)
  • FIX: Web API Destination – [Error output must contain response body] option doesnt work if you set Security Protocol for HTTPS other than Default
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