SSIS PowerPack 4.1.0 released


We are excited to release tons of new features and fixes in this version. It includes many enhancements around API Connector Framework to support new connectors for popular API services. We also added many new features  in various tasks / components along with bug fixes / performance improvement features.

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New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: Amazon Storage Connection Manager – Provide ForcePathStyle option to access any S3 Protocol Compatible Cloud Service (i.e. cloudian,, veritas, splunk, netapp, oraclecloud and many more)
  • NEW: API Connection Manager – Add Clear Cookies Option for OAuth
  • NEW: API Connector – Amazon MWS – Increase timeout to 2400 from 500 because some reports can take 30-40 mins to export – This will avoid status check timeout error for some reports
  • NEW: API Connector – JIRA – New connector to Read/ Write Issues, Worklog, Users, Project, Comments and other objects stored in Atlassian JIRA (Cloud version)
  • NEW: API Connector – OData – Renamed $filter and $format parameters
  • NEW: API Connector – Zendesk – Add new endpoint get_ticket_attachments, updated ticket endpoints to use static columns
  • NEW: API Connector – Zoho – Renamed If-Modified-Since Parameter
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Add new parameter Type=RowInput to allow parameters to be mapped in $Row$ Value (If Its not mapped then use default value – only if non empty)
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Add support for Key property for Header Parameter Type
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Auto arrange parameters in Grid based on <Param> element order
  • NEW: API Source, Destination – Add Support for DateParseHandling (Parse as DatetimeOffset or String)
  • NEW: API Source, Destination – Add support for InputColumn Label (Name can be used to generate Document / Body but Label should be used to display in mapping screen)
  • NEW: API Source, Destination – Add support for ValueTemplate for Input and Output Columns
  • NEW: API Source, Destination – Change default guess mode to 10x for Dynamic Metadata EndPoints
  • NEW: API Source, Destination – Create Connector File Wizard saves Enum values as integer in Connector file
  • NEW: API Source, Destination – New attribute DotAsPath for EndPoint to support for Nested Attributes using dot separator in input column name (This will eliminate LayoutMap need and allow to skip unmapped columns from generated Document too)
  • NEW: Azure Storage Connection – Add Support for Custom Web Proxy
  • NEW: Excel Connection Manager – Add an option to create new file if missing on request
  • NEW: General – Add 3 additional Metadata Scanning options – treat String as DT_STR (ascii), change length for all string columns to max (i.e. 4000 / 8000), treat all string columns as DT_TEXT / DT_NTEXT
  • NEW: General – Add new placeholder function FUN_TIMESTAMP_MS_UNIX
  • NEW: General – Add new placeholder function JSON_TO_TEXT (Example <<[‘A’,’B’,’C’]|~|$.data[*]|~|\n,FUN_JSON_TO_TEXT>> should return A\n\B\nC)
  • NEW: General – Add new placeholder functions HASH_FILE_MD5, HASH_FILE_MD5_HEX, HASH_FILE_SHA256, HASH_FILE_SHA256_HEX
  • NEW: General – Update Online Help file with more detailed list of available placeholder functions
  • NEW: Google Data Connection Manager – Add Clear Cookies Option for Generate Token
  • NEW: HTTP Connection Manager – Provide TokenFunction property for DynamicToken Authentication – This will help some unique scenarios to use function after token extracted e.g. <<[$userid$]:[$token$],FUN_BASE64ENC>> )
  • NEW: JSON, XML Source, Parser Transform – Add options (EnableRawOutputModeSingleRow and RawOutputDataRowTemplate) to wrap response under special template (i.e. { data: [ ] } ) – Helps to filter root level using JSONPath (i.e. [?(@code==’1′)] )
  • NEW: JSON, XML, CSV Source – Allow Placeholders for Advanced Pagination body text (i.e. FirstPageBodyPart, NextPageBodyPart)
  • NEW: JSON, XML, CSV Source – Give option to treat Path as multiple URLs / File Paths (separated by double colon or new line) – This allows UNION style feature to aggregate results from multiple URLs which has mostly similar structure
  • NEW: JSON, XML, CSV Source, REST API Task – Automatically handle Unauthorized error on 301 redirect error due to Authorization header removal
  • NEW: MongoDB Connection Manager – Redirect to article when user try to connect to MongoDB Atlas and didnt supply correct settings
  • NEW: PostgreSql Connection Manager – Add Support Windows Authentication / Active Directory (GSS/SSPI)
  • NEW: PostgreSql Connection Manager – Provide a way to authenticate using Custom Client Certificate (*.pfx file)
  • NEW: PostgreSql, Amazon Redshift Connection Manager – Add TcpKeepAlive Option to allow Tcp connection open for long running query
  • NEW: REST API Task, JSON, XML, CSV Source, Web API Destination – Allow to set Expect header to blank value to disable 100-Continue negotiation (Some servers with load balancer cause issue unless this option is disabled)
  • NEW: Upsert Destination Task – Provide an option (TempPostExecuteCommand) – Custom SQL to execute right before final merge – after staging table is loaded from source data
  • NEW: Web API Destination – Allow new performance option to disable Expect 100-Continue negotiation – This improves POST requests significantly (Upto 10x) in some cases
  • NEW: XML Source – Exclude Element Names option not working when Enable Performance Mode is checked – Because of this you may get OutOfMemoryException with Large XML when Multiple Array Nodes found under same parent node
  • NEW: XML Source – Show warning for very large files on filter selection
  • NEW: XML, CSV Source Parser Transform – Add an option to allow to search and replace source data using Regex (Useful for CSV to remove custom escape character \” or remove invalid characters from XML using Regular expression)

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Amazon Redshift Connection Manager – UI Labels are overlapping with controls
  • FIX: API Connection Manager – Package fails to deploy if you use Embedded Mode (use of ConfigText Property)
  • FIX: API Connector Framework – MultiSelect Parameters not decoded correctly in somecases
  • FIX: API Destination – Parameter Value entered via grid is not passed downstream
  • FIX: API Destination – Select Operation doesnt work (Fails with validation error about empty endpoint)
  • FIX: API Source, Destination – Slash (i.e. “\” ) is not escaped when saving parameter value – This may cause error – Bad JSON escape sequence
  • FIX: API Source, Destination – Pagination Starts at 1 regardless value supplied in URL (i.e startAt=0 )
  • FIX: API Source, Destination – Raw column indicator is not working property for Input Columns
  • FIX: Azure Storage Connection – Custom Endpoint not allowed for Queue
  • FIX: Azure Storage Connection – User defined values for Timeout, MaxRetryOnError, RetryInterval, MaxParallelThreads Properties are not used correctly
  • FIX: CSV Source, Parser Transform – When first row is blank and next row has number it detects datatype as String rather than Number
  • FIX: Export JSON, XML, CSV Task, Amazon Redshift Data Transfer Task – OLEDB Connection with timeout error (Bad Host) threw misleading error about COM (Not showing actual underlying error in execution log)
  • FIX: Export XML Task, XML Generator Transform – Using Upper Case namespace prefix throws error – An item with the same key has already been added
  • FIX: General – After selecting example you cannot do Undo (Ctrl + Z)
  • FIX: HTTP Connection Manager – Proxy / Client Certificate doesnt work for Dynamic Token Authentication
  • FIX: JSON Parser, XML Parser, Regex Parser Task – Description from Grid is not saved
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – AWS Signature v4 fails if you supply URL parameters without proper encoded values (i.e. ?start=20:00 Fails but ?start=20%3A00 works)
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Cookies not cleared even though you check Logout option
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Mailchimp Default App Requires Redirect URL entered as – Otherwise you will get error – The remote server returned an error (400) bad request
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Test connection button click shows misleading message [Test Connection Successful] in many cases when settings are not correct
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Token Extract fails using 3-legged authentication in Microsoft Edge Browser
  • FIX: Salesforce Destination – If set EnableBulkAPiMode=True and BulkApiVersion=2, Operation=Upsert – it may throw runtime error (Input string was not in a correct format) when you send NULL decimal, datetime, integer and Output is attached
  • FIX: XML Source, XML Parser Transform – Include Parent for Missing Child Option is not working when there is no child row in entire document for all parent rows
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