ODBC PowerPack 1.8.0 released


This release brings tons of new features and bug fixes. We have added new connectors for CosmosDB, Azure DevOps (TFS), ServiceNow, MailChimp, API Drivers and Data Gateway. It includes many enhancements around All Drivers and JSON / XML / CSV Driver.

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New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: API Driver – CosmosDB – New connector to Read / Write / Query documents and other objects (e.g. Database, Containers)
  • NEW: API Driver – Azure DevOps (TFS) – New connector to Read / Write / Query items (e.g. Tasks, Bugs, User Story)
  • NEW: API Driver – ServiceNow – New connector to Read / Write / Query tables (e.g. Incidents, Tasks, Users)
  • NEW: API Driver – MailChimp – New connector to Read / Write / Query MailChimp data (e.g. Campaigns, Lists, Subscribes, Reports)
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Allow bool as alias for boolean type in META clause (e.g. META=’flag: bool’)
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Allow just column names without datatype in Meta – use string(2000) as default if type missing (e.g. select * from tbl WITH(META=’col1;col2;col4;col5:int;col6:string(100)’) )
  • NEW: Amazon JSON / XML /CSV Driver – Update AWS SDK (Core Driver to v3.7)
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Add Support for Multiple LookupEndPoints based on Parameter count (LookupEndPoint=”ep_by_customerid, ep_by_orderid”)
  • NEW: API Driver – HubSpot – Add Upload File endpoint
  • NEW: Data Gateway – Encrypt Setting File with user defined password
  • NEW: General – Update Client Side Query Engine to v3.40
  • NEW: JDBC Bridge Driver – Add logging
  • NEW: JSON / XML / CSV Driver – Add option to Create new API Connector File from UI settings on the Preview Tab
  • NEW: JSON / XML / CSV Driver – Add support for reading *.tar.gzip file (multiple files in one tar.gzip)
  • NEW: JSON / XML / CSV Driver – ClientCertificate not supported if you change SslVersion settings other than Default

Bug fixes

  • FIX: All API Drivers – Certain errors not bubbled up to the caller application
  • FIX: All API Drivers – When META is set to int, bool, date and you encounter blank data then it throws error about conversion (we should treat blank number, date, bool as null) – Error Input string was not in a correct format.
  • FIX: All Drivers – Misleading error is thrown (Value cannot be null) when you run Stored Proc which has syntax issue (i.e. not starting with CREATE PROC statement)
  • FIX: All Drivers – Duplicate column names in SELECT cause misleading error (Item Key already added)
  • FIX: All Drivers – More than 900 columns throws error – too many SQL variables
  • FIX: All Drivers – Preview Tab shows duplicate entries in Table dropdown if you click Dropdown multiple times too quick
  • FIX: All Drivers – View Metadata shows wrong code for API Connector XML option (Rather than DataType=xx , it shows Type=xx)
  • FIX: API Driver – Always Treat Blank Number, Date, Bool as Null is not working
  • FIX: API Driver – Delete / Update clause does not set Table Parameters from WITH clause
  • FIX: API Driver – Limit rows coming back from WHERE clause in Update / Delete in Preview (Honor Max Rows setting)
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – Cache Settings not saved
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – Stored Proc doesnt return output
  • FIX: JSON / XML / CSV Driver – Direct String option not saved and only works if you use WITH (DATA=xxxx) in SQL, UI option ignored
  • FIX: JSON / XML / CSV Drivers – Value for Direct Data and Keep Date As String Option not saved
  • FIX: JSON, XML , CSV Driver – Placeholder function doesnt work in URL / Body / Headers (When entered on UI) – Works ok if you override in WITH Clause SRC
  • FIX: JSON, XML Driver – Curly bracket in comment section cause error when URL JOIN (e.g. JOIN_1 in WITH ) feature is used – Error – Input string was not in a correct format
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