ODBC PowerPack 1.7.0 released


This release brings tons of new features and bug fixes. We have added new connectors for Outlook Mail (Office 365), Shopify, Google BigQuery, JDBC Bridge Driver and JSON / CSV / XML Driver.

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New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: API Driver – Outlook Mail (Office 365) – New connector to read / download mail and attachments from Office 365 Mail account
  • NEW: API Driver – Shopify – New Connector to Read / Write Shopify data (e.g. Customers, Products, Orders)
  • NEW: API Connector – Google BigQuery – Add Job Location Option for get_query and connection Level
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Add Option TreatBodyAsDirectValue (Body parsed as input data rather than calling URL)
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Allow to Read data From Local File – (Set <EndPoint Url=”c:\data\file.json” or “.xml” or “.csv”)
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Generic Request – Make Content-Type and Request Method visible by default
  • NEW: General – Add API Connector format in View Metadata dialog box
  • NEW: JDBC Bridge Driver – Check Java found – If missing then Download JRE in single click
  • NEW: JDBC Bridge Driver – Replace Named Pipes to Socket to avoid orphan process / hang / access denied / timeout issues
  • NEW: JSON / CSV / XML Driver – Add an option to support high precision / scale decimal numbers (more than 15 digits numbers)
  • NEW: JSON, CSV, XML Driver – Add Support for high precision decimal numbers (New Option under Date/Number Handling)

Bug fixes

  • FIX: API Connector Framework – When Direct Placeholder Function used along with [$SomeParam$] in ValueTemplate of InputColumn then it doesnt evaluate for each row (Using Cached Value rather than Row By Row) – Example [$p1]<<{$value$},FUN_BASE64ENC>>
  • FIX: API Connector Framework – When Key column not declared in InputColumns – Delete / Update might fail – error near “from” ()
  • FIX: API Connector Framework – When nested column under Unbound node found in LayoutMap not supplied you may see bad JSON created
  • FIX: API Connector Framework – Zendesk – When you dont supply requestor / comment your create Ticket call might fail
  • FIX: API Driver – When WHERE clause not supplied DELETE / UPDATE doesnt do anything
  • FIX: Data Gateway – CAL is taken by unwanted callers even they are not logged in
  • FIX: Data Gateway – Existing connections created before v1.6.0 corrupted (Before Aug 10, 2022)
  • FIX: Data Gateway – IP Filter Rules not working for multiple conditions
  • FIX: General – Click on Activate License throws misleading error if activation fails – It says could not load file or assembly Rebex.Http
  • FIX: General – Preview window Trims error message to 1024 characters
  • FIX: JSON Driver, XML Driver – When nested filter used (e.g. $.customers[*].orders ) along with IncludeParentColumns option not working sometimes (Throws error or shows wrong value for parent column)
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