How to Import JIRA data in Power BI

Introduction In our previous blog we saw how to import rest api in Power BI. We recommend you go through that article first. In this article, we will learn how to Import JIRA data in Power BI. For that, we will create a successful HTML Connection then request for reading JIRA data and loading into Power […]

Read SAP S4 / HANA data in SSIS (OData REST API)

Introduction In our previous post, we saw how to call REST API in SSIS. Now let’s learn how to read data from SAP S4 / HANA OData Service (i.e. S/4HANA). SAP HANA provides an OData REST API interface to access data in your application using HTTP Protocol. We will use the SSIS XML Source component to read […]

Call Oracle UCM Web Service in SSIS (Read XML SOAP API)

Introduction In this post we will learn how to access data from Oracle UCM Web Service (Middle layer for WebLogic) and load into SQL Server or any other target. We will use SSIS XML Source to achieve this result.     About Oracle UCM Web Service If you are not sure what is SOAP Web […]

Read HTML Table in SSIS – Extract / Download Links / Images

Introduction In this post you will learn how to extract data from web pages using SSIS. In other words, read HTML Table in SSIS, then Loop through extracted links and finally download files. To achieve this scenario we will use SSIS HTML Source and REST API Task.     Step-By-Step To achieve desired extraction from web pages […]

Download Latest File from FTP using SSIS

Download latest File from FTP using SSIS (SFTP / FTPS)

Introduction In this blog, we will learn how to Download Latest File from FTP using SSIS Secure FTP Task, We also learn how to connect with FTP/SFTP and also see how to Get Latest File list in ADO.net DataTable variable and How to sort ADO.net DataTable and get and set latest FTP File Path in a variable […]