How to find amazon s3 bucket location (AWS region endpoint)

How to check Amazon S3 Bucket location (Region)

Problem Sometimes if you loading data to Redshift via COPY command or using SSIS Redshift Data Transfer Task to move data to redshift then you will have to make sure your S3 Bucket is in the same region as Redshift Cluster. Many people don’t know how to verify that because its hidden in the console. This […]

Informatica PowerCenter Redshift Data Load - Amazon Redshift Import Command line tools (COPY, S3, AWS)

Amazon Redshift data load in Informatica PowerCenter

Introduction In our previous post you learned how to load data into Redshift using SSIS. Now in this post you will learn how to load data into Redshift using Informatica PowerCenter. For PowerCenter we will use ZappyShell Command line for Redshift Data Load. This small powerful command line utility can handle load of several millions […]