SSIS PowerPack v3.0.1 released

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: Amazon SQS Source – Add columns for SequenceNumber, MessageGroupId and MessageDeduplicationId
  • NEW: Amazon SQS Source, Azure Queue Source – Add option MaxRetryOnNullMessage to retry for N times before stop reading from queue
  • NEW: Dummy Data Source – Add Random GUID support for DT_GUID type
  • NEW: General – Add option to Import / Export Columns Mapping Grid for Source / Transform Components (e.g. JSON, CSV, XML …)
  • NEW: Installer – Remove .net Framework 3.5 dependency requirement from installer (3.5 Framework was required for only SSIS 2008 which is now depreciated)
  • NEW: JSON Source, JSON Parser Transform- Add option (EnableBigNumberHandling) to support for parsing very large number as string rather than throwing error
  • NEW: JSON, XML CSV Source / Parser Transform – Provide a way to output Binary data from Base64 String when DT_BYTES, DT_IMAGE datatype is used for String Fields
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager – Provide UI for Custom Auth Header / Scheme (i.e. Authorization : Bearer xxxxxxxx)

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Azure Blob CSV Destination – You may get error – System.InvalidCastException: Specified cast is not valid
  • FIX: Azure Storage CSV File Destination – APPEND Option is not working
  • FIX: Google Analytics Source – You may get Profile not specified error when you combine multiple nodes (e.g. accounts, profiles) – Its using AND condition rather than OR
  • FIX: Google Data Connection Manager – Once you start token extract using default browser and click Cancel Button it launches browser again
  • FIX: Installer – You may get message SQL Server Integration Services was not detected
  • FIX: JSON Source, JSON Parser Transform – Document with very large number may produce duplicate data
  • FIX: Logging Task – Use of Mixed Placeholders Static (i.e. << .. >>) and Variable ( i.e. {{ … }} ) cause runtime error (works fine in Design time Preview)
  • FIX: PostgreSql Connection Manager – You may get error Object does not match target type when you build or save project
  • FIX: REST API Task – UrlFromVariable Mode at Design time Test request feature uses DirectUrl rather than Variable Value (At run time it works fine)
  • FIX: Secure FTP CSV File Destination – APPEND Option is not working
  • FIX: XML File Destination / Generator / Export Task – Output as CData option is not working
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