SSIS PowerPack v2.9.6 released

What’s New

In this release we added UPSERT support for PostgreSql and Redshift via our Upsert Destination. You can now choose connection manager for these 2 extra data source types and get fast bulk Upsert. We also fixed few important bugs with salesforce destination.

Version [Sep 03, 2019]

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: All API Tasks – Allow POST with empty body without throwing – 411 Error length required
  • NEW: Amazon Storage Connection Manager – Add support for Tls 1.2
  • NEW: Amazon Storage Task, Azure Blob Storage Task – During download action replace invalid characters in file name to underscore (e.g. replace colon )
  • NEW: Breaking Change – SSIS 2008 is not supported anymore from this version (Download previous installer if you need SSIS 2008 components)
  • NEW: Excel Source – Allow Wildcard pattern in Excel Connection to read from many files
  • NEW: General – Add format specifier support for FUN_NEW_GUID placeholder function (Supported formats are n,N,d,D,p,P,b,B)
  • NEW: General – Add placeholder function FUN_URLENCDATA (same as FUN_URLENC except it encodes space as %20 rather than + )
  • NEW: General – Show warning about deactivating offline
  • NEW: HTTP Connection Manager – Dynamic Token – Add support for Placeholder functions in TokenRequestData, TokenRequestHeaders and TokenUrl properties
  • NEW: HTTP Connection Manager – Dynamic Token – Add support for System Variables in TokenRequestHeaders property (i.e. [$userid$], [$password$] )
  • NEW: Upsert Destination – Add support for PostgreSql (Bulk Upsert, Update, Delete)
  • NEW: Upsert Destination – Add support for Redshift (Bulk Upsert, Update, Delete)

Bug fixes

  • FIX: CSV File Destination – Overwrite File If Exists option doesn’t work correctly (Old data is not cleared)
  • FIX: Dynamic CRM Source – You may get object reference not set when you use Object Browser
  • FIX: Excel Source – Treat Blank Numeric , Datetime or Bool type as NULL rather than throwing error Invalid Format
  • FIX: Export Excel Task – When you enable Template Engine option and check [Throw error if source dataset is empty] option, package always fails regardless row count in dataset
  • FIX: Export JSON Tasks, JSON Generator Transform – DateTimeOffset data type is not quoted and column level Date Format not applied
  • FIX: REST API Task – Multi-Part File Upload may fail due to extra new line character added before boundary
  • FIX: Salesforce Destination – Bulk API Mode option maps input data to wrong output columns (in some cases only)
  • FIX: Salesforce Destination – Bulk API Mode option may throw error if Job takes more than 10 seconds – Error PipelineBuffer has encountered an invalid row index value
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – Bulk Update Option not working if you map alternate key
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – Some Connections not listed in Dropdown
  • FIX: XML / CSV Export Task , XML / CSV Generator Transform, XML / CSV Destination – Comma and other characters are escaped
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