ODBC PowerPack 1.5.0 released


This release brings tons of new features and bug fixes. We have added new connectors for API Driver.

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New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: All API Drivers – Allow to use Custom SQL for Virtual Table
  • NEW: All API drivers – META with extended query syntax cause invalid syntax error
  • NEW: All Drivers – Add option to export preview result to CSV / TSV file or copy to clipboard
  • NEW: All Drivers – Allow to cancel query execution on the preview tab
  • NEW: All Drivers – Show Preview errors in non-blocking text area rather than Blocking Popup
  • NEW: API Connector Framework – Allow to map __RAWDOC__
  • NEW: API Driver – Enhance Query Builder to add column list / key in WHERE for SELECT, UPDATE , INSERT, DELETE
  • NEW: API Driver – Some changes on UI not saved in active connection causing failure on Preview / Test Connection
  • NEW: API Driver – Support WHERE Clause in DELETE / UPDATE Operations
  • NEW: API Driver – Support WHERE Clause in SELECT
  • NEW: API Driver – Support WHERE clause server side execution for UPDATE / DELETE / SELECT if API can handle it
  • NEW: API Driver, Salesforce Driver – SOURCE clause should invoke on the same connection if Driver Type and ConnectionString parameters are not supplied
  • NEW: CSV Driver – Provide an option to output blank value as null
  • NEW: Data Gateway – Log Additional System Info
  • NEW: Data Gateway – Show warning about service restart required in order to apply changes
  • NEW: Data Gateway – Update SSL support to accept Tls1.1 and Tls1.2
  • NEW: General – Place holder function FUN_IF_NULL ( Syntax: input_value { |~| template_for_null_input } { |~| template_for_non_null_input } {|~| value_encoding_style } ) , Example: <<some input |~| Input is null |~| Input is $1 |~| jsonenc , FUN_IF_NULL>>
  • NEW: General – Provide F5 shortcut for Preview Data button
  • NEW: General – Provide max Log File Size option
  • NEW: JDBC Bridge Driver – Add path browse option for jar file
  • NEW: Jdbc Bridge Driver – Add Support for DateTimeOffset Type
  • NEW: Jdbc Bridge Driver – Return BIGINT type as Int64 rather than decimal
  • NEW: JSON Driver, XML Driver – Add Support regular expression in Filter (i.e. select * From $ WITH (Filter=’$.[?(@.Company =~ /^Micro(.*)$/)]’ ) )
  • NEW: JSON Driver, XML Driver – JSONPath Filter support for root objects (e.g. $..[?(@country==’USA’)] )
  • NEW: JSON, XML, CSV Driver – Add Option to parse output from command line Standard Output Stream (e.g. select * from $ WITH(Data=’cmd:>curl -k http://httpbin.org/get’) )
  • NEW: Salesforce Driver – Add support for OAuth Tokens security rather than Password (useful for 2FA / MFA handling)

Bug fixes

  • FIX: All Drivers – Add Support for ODBC Command Timeout
  • FIX: API Driver – Add Support for RefreshTokenFilePath (Changing Token Pattern)
  • FIX: API Driver – GUID type might cause error – Unknown SQL Type – 0
  • FIX: API Driver – Hide any Endpoint which needs {$row$} input at runtime
  • FIX: API Driver – LIMIT Clause is not honored when you execute query outside Preview Tab (i.e. Call from ODBC Apps)
  • FIX: API Driver – UPDATE / DELETE may throw error when you have space in object name and WHERE clause is used
  • FIX: Data Gateway – Code generator uses SQLNCLI rather than SQLNCLI11 for SQL Server Linked Server creation code – This cause issue with some query because wrong driver is being used
  • FIX: Data Gateway – Default Script cause issue for EXEC AT with INSERT – Error in TDS Stream – The operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider “SQLNCLI11” / “MSOLEDBSQL” for linked server “ls_Json” was unable to begin a distributed transaction
  • FIX: Data Gateway – In some cases long running HTTP requests might hang connection (This usually happens when HTTP exception happens after Caller Timeout or CommandTimeout set too low or exception happens after CommandTimeout)
  • FIX: Data Gateway – New version throws error about SSL/TLS negotiation in some cases
  • FIX: Data Gateway – Query hangs on certain exceptions and might crash gateway
  • FIX: Data Gateway – When you click Restart button on gateway UI – You may receive Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed
  • FIX: Data Gateway – When you open UI it may open multiple instances
  • FIX: Data Gateway – You might get random license error when too many connections made same time
  • FIX: General – Brackets around column name in UPDATE does not work or throw error (i.e. UPDATE tbl SET [my column] = 1 )
  • FIX: General – Preview Grid might throw error when you sort column by clicking on header – Error – Object must be of type string
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – Add Support for TIMESTAMP_WITH_TIMEZONE JDBC Type
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – Do not invoke SQL Parser (because syntax like CTE or CAST (c as varchar) fails )
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – Set working directory same as JDBC Driver (This helps scenario like Infor-ION driver JDBC Driver)
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – Show meaningful error rather than Pipe is broken (Capture unhandled exception right way)
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – When Pipe is broken error occurs certain Client Apps connecting to Gateway might hang
  • FIX: JDBC Bridge Driver – You might get misleading message if JRE missing – Failed to launch interop server host process
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