ODBC PowerPack 1.3.0 released

Version [Sep 16, 2020]

This version brings brand new JDBC Bridge driver which can connect data using any JDBC Driver in  ODBC Apps (e.g. Excel). Many vendors dont provide ODBC Driver because its expensive and complex to build so they simply supply you Java based JDBC Driver, however these JDBC drivers work only with Java based Apps and not in apps which are written in other systems (i.e. .net or C++). For example Excel, Informatica cant consume data from JDBC Driver directly. This is where you can use ZappySys JDBC Bridge Driver for ODBC Compliant Apps or Consume data in SQL Server via Data Gateway.

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: JDBC Bridge Driver – New driver allows to read data using any JDBC driver in ODBC Apps or SQL Server via Gateway
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Add Advanced Pagination Options on UI
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Add optional Parameter (3rd Argument) in json_value function to Throw Error when no match found for supplied JSON Path Expression
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Add support for EnableBodyCompression
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Allow File Upload Request in AWS API Provider (IsMultiPart=True)
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Allow to use Placeholder functions in URL JOIN (e.g. [$alias.somecolumn,FUN_TRIM$] )
  • NEW: All API Drivers – HTTP Connection – For Dynamic Token option when Auth Scheme contains space do not suffix another space (e.g. MyAuthScheme sess-id=)
  • NEW: General – Add support to check for Product Update
  • NEW: General – Some unhandled exceptions on UI not caught
  • NEW: General – Enforce License manager to run as Admin to avoid license activation issues
  • NEW: General – Add new functions LOWER, UPPER, FUN_UNIX_TIMESTAMP_TO_DATE (When input is Seconds format) and FUN_UNIX_TIMESTAMP_MS_TO_DATE (When input is Milliseconds format)
  • NEW: All API Drivers – HTTP Connection – Allow option to set DynamicToken request as Form-Data (Multi-Part) request
  • NEW: XML Driver – Add Culture Option – Support for parsing Culture Specific Numbers (e.g. in Finland – 1000,50 should be treated as decimal)
  • NEW: All API Drivers – Allow to pass non standard date format for If-Modified-Since Header (Xero API Usecase) – suffix date value with -raw to allow custom format (i.e. If-Modified-Since : 2020-12-31-raw)
  • NEW: All API Drivers – OAuth Connection – AWS v4 Provider – Allow to Supply Custom Region

Bug fixes

  • FIX: All API Drivers – Various drivers using ISO date formats may use wrong date format for some cultures where Time Separator is dot (i.e. Finland Culture fi-FI)
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Add support for functions in ORDER BY Clause
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Always first parameter value is used in custom stored proc
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Column DataType is detected as String When first value in first row is NULL
  • FIX: All API Drivers – DROP PROCEDURE statement doesn’t remove Stored Proc from Storage
  • FIX: All API Drivers – For certain Regional Settings (e.g. Finland) you might get error – Parser error: String was not recognized as a valid DateTime
  • FIX: All API Drivers – IncludeParentColumns , TreatBlankXXXXAsNull Options not saved when you close UI
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Milliseconds part is removed from extended query output
  • FIX: All API Drivers – On Preview Tab – You may get error when you click on Table dropdown – Value cannot be null – Parameter name: first
  • FIX: All API Drivers – Prompt for unsaved changes on Custom Objects UI
  • FIX: All API Drivers – SupportCompression setting not saved
  • FIX: All API Drivers – User running fragments of SQL assuming it runs full SQL and got error expected : EXEC, DROP, CREATE, SELECT, INSERT, UPSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, ;
  • FIX: All API Drivers – When input is NULL for Regex_Search then it should return NULL rather than Blank String
  • FIX: All CSV Drivers – Column Delimiter is not Saved if you enter custom value (other than found in dropdown)
  • FIX: All Drivers – OdbcConnection GetTables method doesnt work
  • FIX: All Drivers – When you use custom Meta String Type column it may return numeric data in Culture Specific Format rather than Invariant format (e.g. for Finland Region it may return 1234,50 rather than 1234.50)
  • FIX: CSV, XML Driver – In some cultures (e.g. Finland) Decimal type is detected as String
  • FIX: Data Gateway – You might get error “Protocol Error in TDS stream” with Large Files (More than 40MB)
  • FIX: General – SQL UDF not throwing error in some function when its desired (e.g. Invalid File Path should throw error)
  • FIX: JSON Driver – Order By is not working while reading local file
  • FIX: JSON Driver – Clicking on Table dropdown on Preview Tab might throw error – Value cannot be null. Parameter name: first
  • FIX: XML Driver – Parsing Decimal might throw error in Extended Queries – Input string was not in a correct format
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