XML to JSON intro

How to Convert XML into JSON using SSIS

Introduction These days, JSON is more popular and it is replacing XML because it is faster, easier to use, it is shorter because it does not require tags and uses brackets instead. In this tutorial, we will learn how to convert XML into JSON using SSIS. So let’s get started. Requirements SSDT for business intelligence […]

Load SQL Server data to Workday using SSIS / SOAP API

Introduction In our previous article, we saw step-by-step approach to read data from workday using SSIS. In this article, we will focus on how to load SQL Server data to Workday (e.g. POST, Create, Update). We will use SSIS Web API Destination and the combination of other Transforms such as SSIS Template Transform and SSIS XML Generator […]

How to call Amazon MWS API using SSIS

Introduction In this post you will learn how to call Amazon MWS API (Amazon Marketplace Web Service) or Amazon Product Advertising API using SSIS PowerPack. Using drag and drop approach you can consume data from Amazon MWS XML Web service. In this post we will use ZappySys XML Source connector to read data from Amazon MWS […]

How to import XML into SQL Server using SSIS

Introduction In this post you will learn how to import XML file into target such as SQL Server, CSV, Excel, Oracle. Converting or Importing XML requires flattening XML structure (i.e. hierarchy) sometimes we refer this process as de-normalization.  Parsing XML can be tricky depending on how many levels you have and from which level you need data. […]

Create SOAP Request Body from WSDL (Using SoapUI tool)

Calling SOAP Web Service in SSIS (XML Source)

Introduction In this article, you will learn how to call SOAP Web Service in SSIS. We will use drag and drop approach to consume SOAP Webservice using SSIS XML Source Connector. This same XML Connector can be used to consume data from local XML Files (wild card allowed e.g. *.xml) or you can consume XML stored in […]

How to get data from Workday in SSIS using SOAP/REST API

Introduction In this article you will learn how to get data from WorkDay SOAP web service in few clicks using SSIS SOAP XML Source. All you need to know how to create SOAP Request correctly and provide Authorization (e.g. Userid, Password) inside your request (You can generate that easily using Free tools like SoapUI). Once you do […]

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Get data from Google Maps in SSIS using REST API

Full article coming soon. Meanwhile check following similar articles : SSIS XML Source (FILE, SOAP, REST API Connector) SSIS JSON Source (File, REST Connector) Read Zendesk data in SSIS using REST API Read Twitter data in SSIS using REST API Task and JSON Source – OAuth2 Protocol Get data from SurveyMonkey in SSIS using REST […]