How to compare records in SSIS using hash

Introduction In this blog,  we are going to learn to how to compare records in SSIS using hash method. We will use FREE Template Transform component along with Sort Transform, Merge Join Transform and Conditional Split Transform. We will see how to produce hash value from multiple columns and later compare source\target hash values to detect changes\new rows. Data […]

How To Connect ADP API using HTTP Connection over OAuth Connection

Introduction In this post, we will cover how to connect ADP API using HTTP connection manager over OAuth connection manager with JSON Source. ADP API works a bit differently with the OAuth connection manager. Let’s take a look at it… Prerequisites Before we perform the steps listed in this article, you will need to make sure the […]

Open ZappySys Data Gateway

How to Secure ZappySys Data Gateway (Network Settings)

Introduction In our earlier blog post, we have seen some of the wonderful features of ZappySys Data Gateway. Now, we are exploring in this blog more about How to Secure ZappySys Data Gateway? Some of the new features have been introduced in Network Settings tab of ZappySys Data Gateway. Network Settings On this tab we […]