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SSIS PowerPack v3.1.2 released

New Features/Improvements NEW: Dynamics CRM Destination – Allow to update OwnerID field in older CRM version (i.e. lower than v9) NEW: Dynamics CRM Destination – Use mapped type field in Update / Upsert operation to set EntityReference fields (e.g. ownerid ) – Right now system picks first type from Allowed LinkedEntity list (see Advanced Custom Properties) NEW: General […]

Importing Virtual Tables in MS Access (JSON REST API Example)

Using Custom Objects in ZappySys Drivers (Proc / View)

Introduction ODBC PowerPack v1.2 release brought an interesting feature for all API drivers. New version gives you an ability to create Custom Objects. You can create parameterized Stored Procedure and Virtual Tables on the same Data Source (ODBC DSN or Data Gateway Data Source). For more information you see here Custom Objects There are mainly […]

How to connect to MongoDB Atlas Replica Set Cluster in SSIS

Introduction In our previous post, we discovered how to read and write MongoDB data using ZappySys MongoDB Source and Destination SSIS connectors. However, it was all about connecting to the on-premises hosted version of MongoDB. In this post, we will focus on connecting specifically to the Replica Set Cluster in MongoDB Atlas (a cloud database service by MongoDB). After […]