SSIS PowerPack v3.1.2 released

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: Dynamics CRM Destination – Allow to update OwnerID field in older CRM version (i.e. lower than v9)
  • NEW: Dynamics CRM Destination – Use mapped type field in Update / Upsert operation to set EntityReference fields (e.g. ownerid ) – Right now system picks first type from Allowed LinkedEntity list (see Advanced Custom Properties)
  • NEW: General – Add FUN_TODAY placeholder function to return date without time part (Returns date in yyyy-MM-dd if no format supplied)
  • NEW: JSON Source, JSON Parser Transform – Add option to treat first row as column names for 2D Array Transform – Columnless Array
  • NEW: REST API Task – Add Support to continue Status Check Loop if Certain Value found in response (e.g. Pending | Queued )
  • NEW: Template Transform – Allow user defined name for output column
  • NEW: Web API Destination,Template Transform – Allow parameters in Column Placeholders – Use |~| as argument separator (e.g. <%Notes|~|%search_for_str|~|replace_With_str,FUN_REPLACE %> )

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Amazon Storage Task, Azure Storage Task – Incorrect folder path selected if you double click on Folder icon and Click OK
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Source – Virtual Fields (e.g. xxxxxxxname , xxxxxxxtype (i.e. EntityReference ) is always null
  • FIX: General – Direct Placeholder doesn’t allow greater than sign in input text (e.g. (1000 >= 999)==true )
  • FIX: General – License Manager shows Status column blank or some unknown character
  • FIX: General – Unicode characters not supported in Direct Placeholder Functions e.g. 4KqV4KuH4KquIOCqm+Criw==
  • FIX: General – When you run SSIS PowerPack in Azure Data Factory (ADF SSIS-IR) it may failed to connect to ZappySys server for license / trial registration in some cases
  • FIX: JSON Source – Columnless Array option on 2D Transform produces wrong number of columns when no column name supplied
  • FIX: Salesforce Destination – Bulk API Mode may throw InvalidBatch (Batch not completed) error because InProgress status is treated as Completed
  • FIX: Set Variable Transform – Guid Value Cannot be assigned using SetVariable Transform
  • FIX: Set Variable Transform – Null value from upstream cannot be set to Variable (Provide Options to handle NULL)
  • FIX: Timer Task – You may get error string was not recognized as a valid datetime
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