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Calling SharePoint 365 REST API in SSIS

Introduction to REST API with SharePoint in SSIS Using REST API with SharePoint in SSIS is a common requirement to Administer SharePoint. SharePoint 365 is a nice Microsoft application in the Cloud used to share documents and collaborate with the company. You can have schedules, projects, documents and more shared using a Web platform. In addition, […]

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How to read and write data to HTML in SSIS

Introduction to read and write data to HTML in SSIS In this article, we will show how to send values from an SSIS Variable to an HTML file. We will use the SSIS Advanced File System Task to store the list of system files of a folder into a variable and then we will use […]

SSIS Dynamics CRM / Dataverse – Read / Import data into SQL Server

Introduction Today Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dataverse is one of the most popular CRMs in the world. SSIS Dynamics CRM / Dataverse read operation can be achieved using Dynamics CRM / Dataverse Source Connector. It allows connecting to Dynamics CRM / Dataverse 365 Online or On-Premises Installation / Hosted CRM instance (IFD – internet facing […]

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Monitor, Run SSIS Package using Stored procedure / T-SQL

Introduction In this post, you will learn how to Monitor and Run SSIS Package using Stored Procedure (T-SQL Code) – Packages stored in SSIS Catalog.  Calling SSIS Packages via T-SQL / Stored procedure code can be useful if you want to trigger SSIS package execution from your SQL code on certain conditions (i.e. Load data […]

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Read JSON in Informatica – Import REST API / SOAP / JSON File

Introduction JSON / REST API is becoming more and more popular each day as everyone embrace cloud-centric services. This article is primarily focused on Informatica users who want to do XML SOAP/ JSON / REST API Integration in Informatica. However many tips and techniques described in this article will help you to understand how to integrate XML […]

Using Data flow in SSIS

Calling Gmail REST API using SSIS – Read Emails

Introduction to get Gmail with REST API In this example, we will show how to read emails by calling Gmail REST API using SSIS. To illustrate, we will use ZappySys SSIS PowerPack, which includes several tasks to import/export data from multiples sources to multiple destinations like flat files, Azure, AWS, databases, Office files and more. […]

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How to run SSIS in Azure Data Factory (Deploy, Monitor SSIS in Cloud)

Introduction If you are using SSIS for your ETL needs and looking to reduce your overall cost then, there is a good news. Microsoft recently announced support to run SSIS in Azure Data Factory (SSIS as Cloud Service). Yes – that’s exciting,  you can now run SSIS in Azure without any change in your packages (Lift and […]