Load 10M rows from SQL Server to Snowflake in 3 minutes

Introduction In this article, we will cover the points on how to load 10 million rows from SQL Server to Snowflake in just 3 minutes. Snowflake is a data warehousing platform that resides in a cloud. Basically, it is a data warehouse software exposed as a service. It allows integrating many data sources via internal […]

How to Compress multiple files using SSIS Zip file Task (Encrypt using Password)

SSIS Zip File Task – Compress files and password protect

Introduction In this blog post we will see how to compress files and encrypt with password (zip and encrypt using AES algorithm). We will use SSIS Zip File Task which comes with many advanced options including encryption feature for password protected zip files. NOTE: Password feature is only available for Zip file format. If you […]