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ODBC PowerPack v1.1.4 Released

What’s New In this version we focused on many bug fixes. Among them most important bug was limitation of only 2000 characters for SQL Query using OPENQUERY statement. Now you can use up to 8000 characters for OPENQUERY and if that’s not enough use EXEC AT statement to send query to Data Gateway. We also […]

How to import Amazon MWS data into SQL Server (T-SQL)

Introduction In our previous blog post we saw how to import rest API in SQL Server. Using same concepts lets look at how to import Amazon MWS Data into SQL Server. We will explore many techniques to call Amazon MWS API and learn how to automate Amazon MWS data extraction without doing any ETL. We […]

Import Google Analytics data into SQL Server / Reporting / ETL

Introduction In our previous article we saw how to read Google Analytics data using SSIS. But what if you don’t use SSIS and you still like to Import Google Analytics data into SQL Server or Read inside other Reporting / ETL Apps (e.g. Excel, Power BI, MS Access … and many more). Not all BI […]