How to call SOAP / REST API using Dynamic Token in SSIS / ODBC

Introduction In this blog, we will learn how to call SOAP / REST API using Dynamic Token in SSIS (i.e. Two steps authentication approach – Fist Call Login API to get token and then call API). In our previous blog post, we saw how to call Web API using some industry standards approaches, such as […]

Reading JSON Arrays from file / REST API

Introduction REST API is becoming more and more common and with that you will see explosion in use of JSON data format. One of the questions we get a lot is “How to extract or read array from JSON data file” or “How to read multiple arrays from JSON data“. Example : Store JSON document […]

JSONPath Expression Examples – JSON Cheatsheet (SSIS / ODBC)

What is JSONPath expression JSONPath expression is an expression language to filter JSON Data. Its a similar concept to XPath expression in XML but has limited features compared to XPath. If you are extracting data from REST API Services using SSIS JSON / XML Source or ODBC JSON / XML Driver then you will quickly realize […]