Walmart API

How to read Walmart API data in SSIS / ODBC

Introduction In this article, we will see how to read Walmart API data in SSIS and load into SQL Server. This blog mainly focuses on SSIS approach but steps mentioned to call Walmart APIs can be useful for any developer regardless of which programming language or toolset you use. Are you a Supplier or Marketplace […]


Understand HTTP Status Code and Fix Common Errors in REST API

Introduction Any time you send HTTP Request according to HTTP Standard using tools like ZappySys REST API Drivers or SSIS Connectors you may receive web response along with HTTP Status Codes. Dealing with REST / SOAP API calls you may face errors and you may find it challenging to understand generic error message from server along with […]

Start / Stop Fiddler Capture

Tutorial – How to use Fiddler to analyze HTTP Web Requests (Tips)

Introduction Fiddler is one the most popular tool to inspect your Http Traffic. This tool helps you to test REST API / SOAP Web requests very easily. If you are using SSIS PowerPack or REST API ODBC Drivers you will find this post really useful to debug various REST API integration issues. When you run Fiddler […]