How to make Web API Destination dynamic (URL, Body, Headers)

Introduction In this article, we will show how to work with the Web API Destination and create a dynamic URL, Body or header. For this purpose, we will use the following components: ZappySys SSIS PowerPack component to make things work:   In these examples, we are going to show different examples of how to send a dynamic URL, dynamic […]

Walmart API

How to read Walmart API data in SSIS / ODBC

Introduction In this article, we will see how to read Walmart API data in SSIS and load into SQL Server. This blog mainly focuses on SSIS approach but steps mentioned to call Walmart APIs can be useful for any developer regardless of which programming language or toolset you use. Are you a Supplier or Marketplace […]

How to make Path / URL dynamic in SSIS

Problem Most of SSIS PowerPack components support simple text placeholders engine to make things dynamic without using Complex Steps of SSIS Expression Engine. So let’s look at how to make Path / URL or other input values dynamic in SSIS. To show you how to do that we will use JSON Source component, but basically, […]