Amazon S3

Read Amazon S3 Storage Files in SSIS (CSV, JSON, XML)

Introduction In our previous blog we saw how to load data into Amazon S3. Now in this blog, we will see How to read Amazon S3 Storage Files in SSIS (CSV, JSON, XML Format files). To illustrate, we will use ZappySys SSIS PowerPack, which includes several tasks to import/export data from multiples sources to multiple destinations […]

SSIS – Copy Amazon S3 files from AWS to Azure

Introduction Azure and AWS both are most popular Cloud Platforms. In this blog post we will learn how to copy or move Amazon S3 files to Azure Blob Storage without any coding or scripting  (AWS to Azure File Copy / Migration Scenario). To achieve this objective we will use following Drag and Drop SSIS  Tasks (i.e. […]

Informatica PowerCenter Redshift Data Load - Amazon Redshift Import Command line tools (COPY, S3, AWS)

Amazon Redshift data load in Informatica PowerCenter

Introduction In our previous post you learned how to load data into Redshift using SSIS. Now in this post you will learn how to load data into Redshift using Informatica PowerCenter. For PowerCenter we will use ZappyShell Command line for Redshift Data Load. This small powerful command line utility can handle load of several millions […]