Download AdWords report using Google Ads API, ODBC, and XML Driver

Introduction In the previous article, we learned how to get data from AdWords in SSIS and basically control your AdWords account programmatically, outside the dashboard. In this one, we will continue on how to download AdWords report by using Google Ads API, ODBC, and ZappySys XML Driver. Let’s not waste our time and cut to […]

How to call Google DFP API with SSIS – DoubleClick

Introduction Google DoubleClick is one of the most popular platforms for Advertisers. Many times you have need for custom integration or Automation for many operations. In this article we will learn how to Call Google DFP API (i.e. DoubleClick for Publishers) without coding using SSIS (Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services). In our previous article we […]

How to get data from Google AdWords using SSIS

Introduction Google AdWords is one of the most popular Advertise Platforms. In this article, you will learn how to get data from Google AdWords by calling Google AdWords Web Service method and using drag and drop SSIS XML/SOAP connector (No coding required :)). Google AdWords Web Services allows retrieving various data such as account info, campaigns; […]

Add/Edit Permissions and User Account for Google Analytics Data Access (Service Account/ Normal Google Login)

Get data from Google Analytics in SSIS using REST API Call

Introduction Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic. In this blog post you will learn how to get data from Google Analytics using SSIS using SSIS Google Analytics Source Connector (Using drag and drop approach without Coding). This article assumes you have basic knowledge about SSIS and […]