SSIS PowerPack v3.0.2 released

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: General – Upgrade Core dlls to Framework 4.0
  • NEW: OAuth Connection Manager – Add Validation for Changing Refresh Token File so user doesnt save Token Backup file to RefreshToken File Path by mistake

Bug fixes

  • FIX: JSON / XML Source – When you enable Array Flattening Option – You may get error – Failed to call SetBufferValue. Parameter colinfo cannot be null
  • FIX: Export JSON Task – When you enable custom replacement rules it removes quotes around value
  • FIX: General – Upgrade / Downgrade doesn’t change typeConverter (Enum Property)
  • FIX: General – Adding new variable doesn’t refresh dropdown and select new variable
  • FIX: General – Send Cluster ID (during registration) rather than Machine Name during registration when running under ADF SSIS-IR
  • FIX: General – Visual Studio might Crash sometimes editing WaterMark textbox or You might see Bold fonts in certain Textboxes
  • FIX: General – You may get error Could not load file or assembly ‘ZappySys.Json’
  • FIX: General – You may get error on JSON / CSV / XML Source when you set Base64 data to DT_IMAGE Type – System.FormatException: The input is not a valid Base-64 string (GMail Attachment API usecase)
  • FIX: Google Analytics Source – Segment selection causing Bad request due to extra characters at the end
  • FIX: Google Data Connection – Default browser token extraction doesnt work for Custom App option
  • FIX: Reporting Services Task (SSRS) – You may get request was aborted – Could not create SSL/TLS Secure Channel error if server does not support Tls 1.0 or Tls1.1
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