SSIS PowerPack 4.0.1 released

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: General – Modify installer to create license folder with correct permissions for all to prevent license related issue when running product under non-admin account
  • NEW: JSON Source, CSV Source, XML Source – Add an option to support high precision / scale decimal numbers (more than 15 digits numbers)
  • NEW: JSON Source, JSON Parser Transform- Add option (EnableBigNumberHandling) to support for parsing very large number as string rather than throwing error
  • NEW: Salesforce Source – On UI add link to explain how to read from Salesforce Custom Reports
  • NEW: Secure FTP Task – Automatically Adjust MaxServerKeySize setting if fails to connect using default setting
  • NEW: Secure FTP Task – Show user friendly error with how to fix – Server Signature is not valid
  • NEW: Write Article about Salesforce Custom Report (Use ODBC DSN query)
  • NEW: Xml Generator Transform, Export Xml Task – Provide an option to ignore static attribute when [Do Not Output Empty Parent Node] option is checked

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Advanced File System Task – Advanced Filter Options doesnt work for Folder Operations (i.e. Regular expression, Sorting, Where Filter, Top N )
  • FIX: Advanced File System Task – Rename same file with different case (i.e. abc.txt to ABC.txt) not working – You might get file is locked error
  • FIX: API Source, API Destination – Lookup dropdown with search text doesn’t allow to enter text
  • FIX: HTML Table Source – Datatype detection issue (Only 200 rows being scanned) – Max Scan Rows settings is being ignored on columns selection page
  • FIX: Json Source, Json Parser – EnableBigNumberHandling setting doesnt work if large number found in value array
  • FIX: JSON, XML, CSV Source / Parser – Switching to Columns Tab show blank list if you click [No] on Refresh Metadata prompt
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – Parameterize connection not showing Password and CertificatePassword field as sensitive
  • FIX: Salesforce Connector – Custom proxy doesn’t work if System proxy is different
  • FIX: Xml Generator Transform – After deleting 2nd input and unused dataset UI becomes corrupted due to unused JOIN in layout xml
  • FIX: Xml Source, Xml Parser – Numbers larger than 15 digits are detected as DT_R8 (should be DT_NUMERIC) – This causes data loss in some case (i.e. 76000009353950433247780 converts to 7.60000093539504E+22 which is same as 76000009353950400000000 )
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