SSIS PowerPack 3.1.3 released

New Features/Improvements

  • NEW: HTTP Connection Manager – Allow option to set DynamicToken request as Form-Data (Multi-Part) request
  • NEW: HTTP Connection Manager – For Dynamic Token option when Auth Scheme contains space do not suffix another space (e.g. MyAuthScheme sess-id=)
  • NEW: JSON Source – Allow to set Custom Filter for Column Less 2D Array with First Line as Column Names on 2D Transform Tab (Google Sheet API scenario to treat First Line as Column Names)
  • NEW: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – Add Some Advanced Pagination Properties On UI
  • NEW: JSON Source, XML Source, CSV Source – Give option to paginate using POST – startIndex, endIndex Pattern (Currently we have only via URL)

Bug fixes

  • FIX: Amazon S3 CSV Destination – Split By Row Count setting causes duplicate data when DisableMultiPart option is False (Happens when File Size is greater than 5 MB)
  • FIX: Amazon S3 Storage Task – Get Amazon Folder List option fetching subfolders too when Recursive option is not checked
  • FIX: Amazon S3 Storage Task, Azure Blob Storage Task – Sync Operation doesn’t work if your Source Folder is Network Share (e.g. \\sharename\folder )
  • FIX: Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage Task, Source (CSV, XML, JSON) – If you use wild card pattern search without Recursive option it may take very long time if sub folder contains many files (It tries to scan sub folders under that path too which slows down)
  • FIX: Azure Blob, Amazon S3 Storage Task, Amazon S3 Source (CSV, XML, JSON) – Browse Path takes long time to load OR it might crash if you have many files stored in the selected bucket
  • FIX: CSV File Destination for Azure, Amazon S3, SFTP – Split by Size Mode is not working in most of the Destination components
  • FIX: Dynamics CRM Destination – Lookup Type fields are treated as OwnerId update in Older CRM version – You may get error – Unsupported entity type while converting to security principal
  • FIX: Export CSV File Task – DateTimeOffset data type is not exported correctly when you use connection type for source
  • FIX: General – Semicolon not allowed for any value inside Connection Manager (E.g. Password or UserName connot contain “;”)
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – AWS v4 Provider doesnt support File Upload Request (i.e. Supplying File Path in Body using Is MultiPart checkbox) – You get The provided ‘x-amz-content-sha256’ header does not match what was computed.
  • FIX: OAuth Connection Manager – DropBox Provider is not working (Its using depreciated API URL)
  • FIX: PostgreSql Source, PostgreSql Destination – Add support for bytea datatype (Byte Array / Binary Type)
  • FIX: Redshift Data Transfer Task – Create Missing Table option doesnt create correct types (including nvarchar(max) of SQL Server))
  • FIX: Upsert Destination – If your SQL database is set to Case Sensitive Collation (e.g. Latin1_General_BIN or Turkish_CI_AS) you may get Invalid object name ‘information_schema.key_column_usage’ error on table name selection on UI
  • FIX: XML Source, XML Parser – In certain case when you choose Value array in Filter – You may get error – An item with the same key has already been added
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