Create new SSIS OAuth API Connection Manager

Read/Write ManageEngine ServiceDesk Data in SSIS (Zoho API)

Introduction In this post, you will learn how to read / write ManageEngine ServiceDesk data in SSIS (Drag and drop approach without any coding).  We will use SSIS JSON/ REST API Source to extract data from Servicedesk API and use SSIS Web API Destination to write data to Zoho. We will look at step-by-step instructions to read ServiceDesk  data […]

How to register OAuth App for Zoho / ManageEngine API

Introduction In this article, we will show you steps to register OAuth App for Zoho API and use it ZappySys Product. The steps listed here can be used for Zoho Products like CRM or ManagedEngine Products like ServiceDesk (ManageEngine is Zoho’s subsidary). For detailed steps check Zoho’s link here. Register OAuth App in Zoho Go to […]

Open ZappySys Data Gateway

How to Secure ZappySys Data Gateway (Network Settings)

Introduction In our earlier blog post, we have seen some of the wonderful features of ZappySys Data Gateway. Now, we are exploring in this blog more about How to Secure ZappySys Data Gateway? Some of the new features have been introduced in Network Settings tab of ZappySys Data Gateway. Network Settings On this tab we […]